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Easy Tips To Clean Gold And Silver Jewels

By: Rima Chowdhury

Gone are the days when no one cared about your jewellery. Today, most of the modern designs are available in gold and silver jewellery which makes them an indivisible part of a woman's attire.

Just like how our body needs maintenance and care, even gold and silver ornaments require some maintenance.

Due to the excessive amount of dirt, pollution and dust in the environment, your gold and silver jewellery may tend to get dirty.

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If not dust, after using the jewellery for a longer period of time, it tends to lose its shine. In order to restore and revive the shine of your silver and gold jewellery, here are a few easy ways to clean them.

ways to clean gold and silver jewels

1. Dishwashing Powder Or Liquid
Every household has a dish washing powder or liquid, which we regularly use to wash utensils. Using dishwashing powder is an essential and powerful agent that can clean the gold jewellery. Take one bowl filled with lukewarm water. Then add some dishwashing powder and soak the gold in this solution for some time. Now take a toothbrush and brush on the edges, so that the dirt comes out easily. Then, soak the jewellery in clean water and wipe off with a clean and soft cloth. This is one of the cheapest yet potent remedies to clean gold jewellery.

ways to clean gold and silver jewels

2. Toothpaste
Using toothpaste is another effortless yet cheap home remedy to clean gold. You can take a small amount of toothpaste and apply it on the jewellery. Now, rub the jewellery using an old toothbrush and get into the edges and corners. Use mild toothpaste, so that it helps to remove the dirt easily without making the ornament lose on its shine. Then, soak the jewellery in lukewarm water for 5 minutes. Pat dry with soft cloth.

ways to clean gold and silver jewels

3. Ammonia
Take some ammonia powder and mix it with lukewarm water. Now, soak your gold jewellery in this solution and remove it in less than two minutes. Clean the edges and corners using a brush and wash off with clean water. Ammonia helps to clean gold jewellery easily; but make sure the jewellery does not have pearls or any kind of gems attached to it.

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ways to clean gold and silver jewels

4. Salt Bath
Salt bath is extremely good to wash your silver jewellery. Take some hot water and add some salt to it. Now submerge all the silver jewelleries in this solution and wait for sometime. Take a brush and clean the corners of the jewellery and wash off once again with clean water. This is one of the inexpensive, quickest and gentle ways to clean silver jewellery.

ways to clean gold and silver jewels

5. Silver Polish
Using silver polish is one among the trending methods to clean silver jewellery. Silver polish is readily available in the market that helps to clean your silver ornaments. It helps to remove the toughest stains on the jewellery and also eliminates the dirt easily. Take some polish and rub it on the jewellery. Now, wipe it with a cloth and rinse off with cold water later. Make sure you are not aggressive with the polish, as it may fade away the colour.

ways to clean gold and silver jewels

6. Aluminium Foil
Take some foil and spread it on a bowl. Now keep the silver jewellery and sprinkle some baking soda over it. Then, take lukewarm water and pour it on the silver jewellery. The boiling water will allow the tarnish to get transferred from the jewellery to the foil. Do this for a number of times to clean the jewellery and store its shine.

These were few easy and quick ways to clean your silver and gold jewelleries.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 3, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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