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Cleaning A New House Before Moving In: 5 Tips For Couples


Before moving into your new home, it is necessary for you to clean it, although it has no items present in it just yet! Your new home might look brand new to your eyes as well, but it is important to follow these simple cleaning tips, so that your things are placed well into a clean home.

To get started, first you need a couple of things that will help you clean your brand new home. A stick and soft broom, a moping cloth with a long stick, a couple of cotton-cleaning cloths, a dustpan and, of course, a mask to cover your mouth to protect you from inhaling and swallowing the dust particles while cleaning your home.

Together with this, you will also need detergent and cleaning agents to make your home sparkle and look clean. You can also add dettol to the list, as it helps to disinfect the home from bacteria and germs, especially the toilet and bathing area. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of these useful cleaning tips to get started on that new house before moving in:

Start From High To Low: Empty homes usually gather a lot of spider webs; therefore, sweep the webs carefully using a broom. Begin from the top that is the roof area and then go down to the crevices in each of the rooms. Gently sweep all the rooms and gather the dust, placing it in a bin. After cleaning the floor, mop the floor aggressively and focus on removing the floor stains too.

Clean The Forgotten Areas: When moving into a house, try focusing on areas you know you are unlikely to tackle soon after moving in. Cleaning these areas well will help to prevent the dust from coming in for a long period of time. Areas to focus on are vents, fans, walls, attics, radiators, inside cupboards, etc.

The Bedrooms: Since you will be spending more time in the bedroom, it is necessary to clean it in and out. Remove the dust and grime from the window panes and mop the floor till it shines. You can also clean the AC vent, if it is present in the bedroom.

Toilet Cleaning: Clean the toilet with the help of an acid, as it helps to remove the stains from the tiles and commode. You can add a touch of home remedies too while cleaning the toilet. Clean the floors with lemon and baking soda, it will make the toilet smell fresh, and make it look clean and sparkling.

Kitchen Grime: Cleaning the kitchen of a new house, before moving in, is important, as it helps to keep diseases and infections at bay. It is necessary to clean the kitchen sink with vinegar and lemon to disinfect the zone before using it and moving in your things to the house.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 6, 2016, 19:00 [IST]