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Ways To Give New Look To Old Furniture

By Debdatta Mazumder

If you think to decorate your home in a new style, you must think of the furniture of your home. But is it easy to buy new furniture every time you want a new look?

Specifically, the antique furniture is so expensive that those cost a lot to fulfill your dream. Here you need some trick and appropriate ways to make furniture look antique.

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Moreover, nothing can escape from the course of time. The dining table you bought 10 years back will definitely lose its colour and polish.

Instead of throwing that away you can varnish it again to have the glaze back. This is one way how to make old furniture look good.

If you have kids in house, it is difficult to keep furniture as it is. So, to keep those new you must be aware about the ways to make furniture look antique and good.

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Now, how to make old furniture look good and why will you spend time on those? Actually, if you buy a new one you have to keep it as it is. But you can be creative to the old ones.

You can turn a boring wooden coffee table into an interesting center table by adding a glass top on it.

So, if you want to adore your room with an antique and ethnic look, go through the following ways to make furniture look antique

1. Cover The Scratches
Your old wooden furniture can have scratches all over. How to make old furniture look good? For dark wooden furniture, cover the scratches with coffee ground.

Wait for 10 minutes and wipe away with a dry and soft cloth. For lighter ones, apply walnut ground.

2. Paint It
This is one of the effective ways to make furniture look antique. You can give your chairs and tables a traditional look by applying rust or shades of brown. New colours can prevent your furniture from the effect of weather.

3. Remove Stain
You know how tough it is to remove stains of coffee or chocolate from woods. With canola oil and vinegar now it is easy. Take ¼ of oil and mix it with ¾ cup of vinegar. Apply the solution with a cotton cloth. Within few minutes you’ll see the change.

4. White Paint
If your curtains are of dark colour, paint the old furniture white to give an antique look to your room. Those will look classy and the balance of colour can be kept elegantly.

5. Get Rid Of Cracks
If your furniture has cracks on the varnish nothing can make it look new. What is the solution? Fix the varnish with nail polish. Apply on the scratched area and wait for 10 minutes. When it gets dry, rub the area with a sandpaper to give a smooth finish.

6. Use Wallpapers
If you have arranged a house party and at the last moment you remember of your old furniture, wallpapers are easy solution.

Buy nice wallpapers according to your home décor and cover the furniture with it.

7. Use Bleach
You have beautiful garden chairs of plastic but don’t know how to keep them away from damage. Before throwing those away apply this trick. Pour hot water in bucket. Mix ¼ cup bleaching to it. Scrub it and wipe with a dry cloth. You’ll see the magic within no time.

8. Help From Tamarind
Every household surely has trophies and medals of brass, silver or bronze. With time these get stains of dirt and weather creates patches. Wipe those with tamarind and then wash with water. Make them completely dry by a cloth. Those will again tell the story of your past glory.

9. Gorgeous Steel
Woods are not only to take care of, there are some furniture made of steel like your washing basins. The water marks, stains of soaps etc. can be removed easily by rubbing those with hair conditioner. It will look as shiny as new.

10. Restore Pillows
When you need ways of how to make old furniture look good, you definitely don’t think only of wooden materials. Sofas and beds become comfortable because of pillows. Using long time make those squashed. So, remove the cover, shake those well to see if those need more stuffing and add.

11. Lemons For Coppers
Do you have an old mirror with copper linings? Or paintings with copper frame? Then you have to be aware to keep those shiny. Mix ½ tsp lemon juice with 2 tsp baking soda. Rub and you will see grimes coming off. Now wipe it dry with a cotton cloth.

12. Stencil
How on earth this is included one of the ways to make furniture look antique? You can buy stencils, apply it on a boring dining table and give it a new look. Another advantage is this is inexpensive and you can use on more than one.

13. Different Usage
How you can do it? Do you have an old TV cabinet with drawers? Now if you get bored of it make it a shoe case at the bottom and put a nice rug on the flat top. It can be a sitting arrangement too.

14. Upholster Your Chairs
Have you lost interest on the boring and monotonous chairs? Colour those as you like and use designer upholster to give those a new look. This will give you a chance to show your imagination and creativity to friends.

15. Take Care Of Leather
If you have leather furniture you need to take good care of them. You can easily remove the stains and patches if you wipe those with coconut oil. Don’t take too much, otherwise those will look oily.

Story first published: Thursday, April 9, 2015, 18:02 [IST]
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