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Easy Peasy Tips To Clean Artifical Christmas Tree


Many people choose to decorate their homes with artificial Christmas trees during the Christmas season. Unfortunately, these artificial trees can accumulate dust and dirt from being in the storage all throughout the year. So, if you discover your hands getting dirty and dusty after working with your Christmas tree, it is probably due for a good cleaning.

According to environmentalists, people use fake trees to avoid the allergens that are emitted from a real tree. But, it is said that the artificial Christmas trees are much more dangerous to use, since they have a lot of other allergens too that one can not see with a naked eye.

These allergens, when left unclean, can have a massive effect on the lungs, since you will be breathing in that air while decorating the tree. So make sure to close your mouth with a thin piece of cloth while dusting your Christmas tree.

Also, don't forget to wear a pair of gloves too while cleaning, as the sharp thorns on the tree may prick your finger. Keep in mind to have a bath to cleanse the dust from your body after cleaning the Christmas tree. To clean your artificial Christmas tree, here are some tips to keep in mind as well. Do have a look:

Step 1
Gently remove the tree from the box and place it on top of a plastic sheet. While the artificial Christmas tree is facing down on the floor, remove the branches one after another. When done, make the tree stand upright.

Step 2
Now begin to clean the artificial Christmas tree with the help of a duster, a hoover or a vacuum cleaner. Since the branches of the tree may be opened out, it will be easier to clean in between the grooves of the Christmas tree. Also, make sure that the vacuum is not too high, as it can draw in the plastic leaves as well, leaving your tree to look like a complete mess.

Step 3
Now, fill a bucket of warm water and add one cup of detergent to it. Mix the contents together. Using a clean white soft towel or cloth, wipe the leaves of the artificial Christmas tree one after the other. It is best to use a mild detergent or a home-made shampoo. Using harsh detergents to clean the tree can discolour the leaves.

Step 4
After you have cleaned the tree well, place it in the sunlight for an hour or so. This little remedy can help to absorb the extra moisture from the tree. It is important to remove the moisture from the tree, otherwise it can damage the ornaments you place on the tree while decorating it.

Step 5
Decorate your artificial Christmas tree with fancy seeds or fairy lights. Don't forget to use a lot of ribbons and snow flakes as well. Try and involve your kids in decorating the Christmas tree, which can for sure put a smile on their face.