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7 DIY Hacks Of Lemon


Lemon is the most popular citrus fruit in the world. It is an all purpose ingredient. It is used in beauty product to cleaning products. It has many medicinal values too. In this article, we are here to help you with 7 DIY hacks of lemon.

Hacks To Remove Splinters

Lemons are used all over the world to enhance the flavor of food, or to soothe sore throat and cure few diseases. As lemons are packed with many nutrients like Vitamin C, pectin, antioxidants, B-vitamins and calcium, it is an all purpose fruit.

Go Green Naturally

Check out our article today and learn few hacks that you can use in your daily life. These lemon hacks are really simply and are best options to get rid of stains and stuff. Read on to know more.


Mosquito Repellent

Are you allergic to mosquito repellents that are available in the market? The different coils, mats and sprays add to many respiratory allergies. Instead. opt for a healthy home remedy. Stuff a lemon with sufficient amount of cloves keep it below your bed and your natural mosquito repellent is ready!


All-Purpose Cleaner

No doubt lemons are all purpose cleaners. All you need to do is add lemon juice and water in equal amounts and spray it on the things you need to clean. It can be used to clean anything from bathroom to kitchen things.


Living Space Smells Fresh!

Guests coming home and you short of room freshner? Don't break your head as lemons help to remove unpleasant odours. Just boil few lemons and let the citrus fragrance spread across the house. This gives a pleasant, fresh smell.


Keep Apples Fresh

To keep cut apples or avocados from getting discoloured, just sprinkle some lemon juice over it. It keeps it fresh, and helps them not turn brown for a longer period of time.


Whiten Your Teeth

Use this natural remedy to get sparkling white teeth. Mix baking soda and lemon and apply it on your teeth. This instantly brightens your teeth. But make sure you do not keep it for long as it makes your teeth brittle.


Keep Insects At Bay

Make an effective bug spray at home using lemons. Add a quarter amount of lemon juice to any of the essential oils. Add olive or sunflower oil to this. Shake well and spray it across the infected places. Its quite effective.


Clean Cooking Boards

Lemons help to clean your chopping board and sanitise it as well. It reduces the microbial count on the chopping board with its citric property. Next time just rub a piece of lemon after you chop your veggies.

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