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Mosquito Repelling Plants To Keep Indoor

By Archana Mukherji

Mosquitoes, no doubt are a great nuisance. Gardens are places where we sit for relaxation, but the irritating sound of flies and mosquitoes makes us stay inside the house. Also, a lot of trees and plants in and around the house invite mosquitoes.

As we all know, mosquitoes are not only irritating, but can lead to several serious diseases. During the rainy seasons, water tends to stagnate, thereby creating a breeding place for mosquitoes.

6 Simple Ways To Kill Mosquitoes At Home

Mosquito-borne diseases are caused by the virus, bacteria and parasites transmitted by mosquitoes. Some of the common and serious diseases caused by mosquito bites are dengue, malaria, elephantiasis, chikungunya, yellow fever etc.

There are millions of death reported every year due to mosquito-borne diseases. Hence it is very essential to keep these harmful insects away.

We know of mosquito-repelling coils, creams and liquids being used to kill and keep mosquitoes away. Regular use of all these chemical repellents can have minor side-effects on us. So what is the solution?

Do you that there are mosquito repellent plants? Not many of us, right? Yes, mosquito repellent plants indoor can keep you free from mosquito problem in a natural way.

There are many mosquito repellent plants that can be easily grown in our own gardens. This article helps you in knowing more about how mosquito repellent plants indoor can be helpful.


Garlic is another plant with mosquito-repelling properties, due to its strong aroma.

Citronella Grass

Citronella is considered one of the best mosquito repellent plants and is used as a major ingredient in many artificial repellents. It creates a mask around your house preventing the scents that invite mosquitoes.

It is very sensitive to cold, so it good to keep the citronella grass pot in a cool place. You also crush the citronella grass and apply the oil on your body to prevent mosquito bites.


Basil is a herb that has a strong scent without even crushing the leaves. There are many varieties of basil but the best mosquito repellents are the lemon and cinnamon basil.

This is not only a mosquito repellent plant, but a great medicine in several home remedies.


We all know that mint leaves give a great taste when added to salads and food. Did we know that it is also a mosquito repellent? The strong smell of mint leaves keep the uninvited mosquitoes away from your home.

Lemon Grass

Lemon grass has natural oils that repel mosquitoes. It is widely used in many cuisines and toiletries due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


Rosemary, a beautiful flowering plant is very flavourful and a great mosquito repellent that can be easily grown indoors.


Lavender is a gorgeous purple flower with many medicinal properties and is widely used in many beauty products. It has a soothing fragrance, yet has the strong capability to drive away mosquitoes.

Lemon Balm

This is another handy and easily growing plant, also called horsemint that can be used to prepare herbal tea and of-course, to drive away mosquitoes.


Marigolds that contain pyrethrum, an ingredient used in many mosquito repellents, have a unique aroma and are bright coloured flowers that make it the right choice as an indoor plant.


Another medicinal herb considered to be a mosquito murderer is the catnip plant. This is one of the best indoor mosquito plants.

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Story first published: Friday, March 20, 2015, 1:02 [IST]
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