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Amazing Uses Of Tennis Balls


We all love to make the best use of household items in our daily chores. Instead of spending a lot of money in buying products from markets one can make the best use of house items. Today we are here to share some simple and amazing uses of tennis balls.

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These tricks using tennis balls can make life easy to a lot extend. These tennis balls can do so many wonders apart from the sports field. It can help you park your car or fluff up the laundry as well.

Try these simple tricks and see the wonder. Using these simple household hacks saves a lot of time and energy.

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Read on to know more about the amazing uses of tennis balls in our daily life.


Sand Curve Furniture

If you plan to sand the curves of your expensive furniture then all you need to do is cover a tennis ball in sandpaper and sand the curves. This helps to get a better finishing.


Open Bottles With Ease

Running short of an opener? Then just use your very own tennis ball. Cut it open in the centre and place it on the cork and twist it. This helps to open the cork easily.


Mini Toolbox

To keep your nails intact you can cut open a tennis ball. Toss in the nails and let it free. This helps the ball to close it. If you not interested in cutting open the ball then you can simply squeeze the nails in the outer layer of the ball. This is one of the amazing uses of tennis ball.


Massage Your Back

Make your own massager using tennis balls. Insert few tennis balls in socks or a pair of stockings and tie it up. You can rub this stocking or socks on your back to get relief.


Relieve Sore Feet

Tired of sore feet? Then just try a trick with tennis ball. Keep your foot on an tennis ball and roll it. Make sure you do this while you are sitting as there are chances of tripping. This is one of the amazing uses of tennis ball.


Fluff Up Towels

Next time you want your towels or comforters to be all fluffy you can throw 2-3 tennis balls into the dryer. This helps to retain the fluffy nature of the clothes.

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Story first published: Saturday, August 1, 2015, 17:00 [IST]
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