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15 Best Indoor Plants for Fragrance

By Super

When you talk about your hobby, many of you mention gardening. A little space in front of your house is enough to have some plants of flowers. At the back side of your house you can have a kitchen garden too. But now-a-days, people are living more in apartments. What do you do then? Don’t maintain your hobby? No, there are some indoor plants which you can keep in your balcony or the boxes of the windows of your bedroom.

Keeping plants add some more beauty to your interior decoration. Keeping some indoor plants helps us in many ways- the tender green colour of leaves and the colour of flowers soothe our stressed eyes. Plants clean air, provides oxygen and many more. Along with these benefits, you will definitely like the aroma of certain plants. The fragrance of rose or jasmine surely keeps you alive and boost up your energy.

So, instead of using any chemical-oriented room freshener, keep a pot of jasmine or eucalyptus in your room. After a stressful day when you enter your house, a sweet aroma of such plants will surely cheer up you and decrease your tiredness. You can decorate your home with following plants-


1. Rose

How can you resist from not having these flowers of love? In dry winter days, these flowers add colours to your life and aroma also enchant you to the fullest.


2. Gardenia

You can have 150 species of these aromatic white flowers with lively green leaves. These plants require bright light and sufficient humidity. Place it in balcony and you need nothing else.


3. Jasmine

Aromatic plant and jasmine are synonymous. There are Arabian and Star jasmine. These white little flowers can refresh your mood with its lovely fragrance. Place it on the windowsill of your house.


4. Scented Geranium

The range of aroma it offers will amaze you- rose, chocolate, lemon, nutmeg, and ginger are few of them. Brush the leaves on your palm and you can feel the aroma.


5. Eucalyptus

You can make bonsai of these and keep them indoor. These dark green plants are natural room freshener and air purifiers. Don't forget to water it regularly as they get dry soon.


6. Orchid

Orchids are the best of aromatic flowers. There is a large variety of orchids to give you different kind of fragrance. The colours also add extra sophistication to your home decor.


7. Mint

Not only as a flavoured tea, but this plant also cleans air and refreshes your room and mood with its fine aroma. They grow easily. Plant anywhere in your house.


8. Lavender

Another aromatic flowers to adorn your home. The fresh fragrance of these flowers does not go away when those become dry. So cut off them, make a bunch and keep beside your bed.


9. Honeysuckle

The sweet yet strong fragrance of this vine flowers keeps you relax. As this plant grows in vine, use it to decorate your front gate or window of your house.


10. Paper whites

This flower belongs to daffodil family. You don't need to put much effort as they can grow in any season, but you need a shallow container and decorate it with stones.


11. Basil

Bright green leaves of basil has a refreshing aroma. Like mint, use basil leaves in your tree. The fragrance makes you feel relaxed while leaves are good for cough and cold.


12. Rosemary

It is a very good plant for purifying air and also bears herbal benefits. This evergreen leaves soothe your eyes in rough winter days and allure you with nice fragrance.


13. Sweet Bay

Name suggests smell. This small shrub has bright leaves which give a sweet smell. You can use the leaves in soups, curries and stews to add a nice fragrance and taste.


14. Hoya

These star-shaped little white flowers with pink and yellow center has an aroma which grows stronger from the evening. Keep this flower plant in your drawing room and enchant your guests.


15. Plumeria

Plumeria is available in various colours as white, orange, yellow, pink and mixtures of shades. These plants grow in warm a bright light, so decorate your balcony or window with it.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 31, 2015, 8:02 [IST]
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