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4 Best Ways To Maintain White Furniture

Although white furniture gives a classy look to the house, it is avoided by a lot of people. This is because of obvious reasons that the white furniture can attract dust and dirt easily. It is also quite tough to maintain white furniture.

Though it is hard to clean white furniture, a little dedication is all that you need to maintain them. Be a little regular in cleaning the white furniture and use some handy tips to maintain them.

For all the people who would want white furniture at home but are confused on how to maintain white furniture, these are a few tips that can help.


Cover it up - The best possible way to maintain white furniture is by using plastic fabric covers on the furniture. This helps to prevent dust and dirt to accumulate on the white furniture. It also prevents any staining. The covers on furniture also makes the cleaning easier. The only condition here is that you must keep changing, replacing or washing the covers at regular intervals of time. The cover becomes dirty with time and if not changed, it starts looking dirty.

Stain Proofing - White furniture is prone to staining. White furniture has a property of enhancing any stain more than any other furniture. It is important to make the furniture stain proof by using certain material which does not let stain stay for long. You may also use stain removers which can remove any stains from furniture as soon as possible. Stain proofing is necessary to maintain white furniture. When you choose your furniture, make sure the material of cushioning and furnishing is such that stains can be wiped easily with stain removers.

Set Rules - When you have white furniture, you must be very strict on certain points. There should be strict rules and regulations to maintain the white furniture. You must not allow any one to eat on your furniture. Any oil or food stain is very difficult to remove and therefore, this should be the first rule in your house. You should also not allow anyone to put their feet on the cushions or sofa beds to prevent dust and dirt from the feet to accumulate on the furniture. Also, do not allow pets or small kids in the house to play around the furniture. White furniture is basically suitable at your house only if you do not have kids, pets and irresponsible guests coming every now and then.

Cleaning - To clean white furniture regularly, you must use furniture cleaners and stain removers. You need to clean white furniture at least once in every 15-20 days. Also after every 2-3 months, you should get your furniture cleaned by professionals. Professional cleaning is required to maintain white furniture as they clean white furniture thoroughly, removing all the stains and dirt. To maintain white furniture, you should be ready to take care of all the precautions.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 23:07 [IST]
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