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Household Items That You Didn't Know Were Valuable!

There might be riches hidden in your home and you have no clue about it! It is strange that some of the household items you do not look twice at can have a very high hidden value. They camouflage themselves with the rest of the useless stuff lying around and you ignore them. However, you can actually know the worth of your belongings at some of the better pawnshops. No, we are not advising you to get loans by pawning your belongings but you can get a fair idea of their worth if you visit a trustworthy pawnshop.

Here are some the household items that you could never have thought to have such amazing value.

Household Items With Precious Hidden Value:

1. Old Jewellery Boxes: Do you still have the box in which your grandmother brought her dowry? In olden days brides were given a cash box in which they carried their entire dowry and it is that box which they carried with them to their husband's house. Those boxes were made of solid teak wood and often embroidered with expensive metals (copper, silver and even gold) at the edges and the knuckles. Can you imagine the worth of that dusty box lying in your attic once it is polished?

2. Zippo Lighters: Well Zippo was not always a very expensive creme della creme brand. Once upon a time, (just 70 years back) almost every guy talking down the street had one. They would even dispose it off like a normal lighter after the gas was exhaustedor if it had broken glints. If your family is in possession of any such vintage Zippo lighters (produced between 1932 to 1950) then it could be worth thousands.

3. Old Comic Book Series: Did you collect Archie"s or Tintin comic books as a kid? You must still love it and find it worth saving. We are not telling you to sell it so no offense. But these old comics that have become obsolete household items can fetch you lots of hard cash. There are people at old books stores who are willing to buy of vintage comic book series at record prices. Now the deal is that if you have the entire series then you can simply name your price.

4. Antique Furniture: Your grandpa's old easy chair might look like a fashion disaster in your living room but in an antique shop it will be a money spinner. The quality of wood and the designs too can never be replicated in this day and age.

5. Gramophone: Soon there will a time then they become extinct or just mere show pieces. If you too are using an old gramophone in your family as a design element then you are missing it's hidden value. You cannot play those huge LP records of Beatles without a Gramophone and you won't find it anywhere.

Use these home improvement tips to know the real value of your household items.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 22, 2012, 14:51 [IST]
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