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How To Make Handmade Rakhis?

By Super

Rakhi is the physical symbol of the emotions involved with the festival. The emotions of love, affection and care. It is generally a decorated silk thread. It may be a simple thread or it may be decorated with beads or designer motifs, religious symbols or even studded with jewels. Here are a few tip on how you can create your own rakhi. It is the sentiments that matter on this day and what can be a better expression of the sisterly love than a self made rakhi. All it requires is some imagination and some materials to make a rakhi easily at home.

Method 1

Materials Required: silk thread, cotton, scissors, toothbrush, pearls and glue

Take the silk thread reel and cut its 20-25 pieces, each one around 25 inches long. Hold all the pieces in such a way that both of their ends meet each other and then fold the entire bundle of threads at the mid point.

Take the cotton reel and tie the bundle with the help of cotton thread just 4-5 inches below the mid point.

Divide the longer portion of the thread bundle into two equal parts.

Plait both the divided portions separately and tie a small piece of cotton thread at both the ends leaving a margin of 2 inches. Thus the longer portion makes the string part of Rakhi.

The smaller part of the Rakhi is still in loops because of the fold. Take the scissors and cut the loops right at its center. This will make the central part of the Rakhi.

Take the toothbrush and comb that central part in all the directions in such a manner that a circle of the tiny threads is prepared.

Both the ends of the strings must also be brushed. Brushing the threads will make it even softer and give it a feathery look.

Finally stick small pearls on the central part of the Rakhi with the help of glue.

Method 2

Materials Required: Bunch of silk threads (Red or any bright color thread), scissors, needle, cotton thread, beads, sequins, sitaras, zari and a toothbrush with hard bristles.

Take a bunch of multicolored silk threads, if you want a colorful rakhi. The length should be between 20-30 inches. You can also use a strand or two of golden thread. Fold the length of the thread bunch to half.

Tie a tight knot with a cotton thread on the one-fourth part of the silken thread bunch. The one-fourth part will be made into a rakhi while the three-fourth will be the string to tie around the wrist.

The heads of the silk threads of the one-fourth part of the bunch should not remain in loops. Otherwise cut them with a pair of scissors.

Once they are independent of loops, use a a toothbrush to rub hard on these threads and brush them with strong strokes by holding tight on the knot. With repeated strokes the silk threads turns fluffy and soft.

Divide the longer part of the thread into two halves and plat them in desired way. At the end tie a knot and brush the end again. This makes the string. Once this is done, decorate the upper part with sequins, beads, religious motifs, sitaras. Stick them with glue. A sponge of the same color can also be used which can be cut into different shapes and decorate it with beads or sitaras.

Thus, your home made rakhi is ready. To know how to make "Edible Rakhis", click here

Story first published: Tuesday, August 21, 2007, 17:54 [IST]
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