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Shortcuts For Intense House Cleaning- Part I

By Super
You may have realized how easy and entertaining it is to clean your living room, drawing room and kitchen by keeping the necessary cleaning supplies handy. Now, move on to the other core areas of your house and clean them easily with these step-by-step instructions.

Dining Room
Dining room is the place where you cherish golden moments- the candlelit dinners with your loved one, Thanksgiving occasions with your family and friends and the daily family meal together. However the stains of spilled drinks, leftovers of food particles, suffocating dust and bad odors may drive you away even before entering the dining room. The following suggestions will help you to keep your dining room chic in 30-45 minutes.

Keep all the items for cleaning, handy.

Pick out all the small food particles with care.

Take out the stained pots and leftovers of the dishes to the kitchen sink.

Remove the curtains and draperies to wash or have them cleaned according to the directions.

Dust down and clean the ceilings, walls, wall arts and the ceiling fan.

Wipe the tablemats with salt water, then hot water and finally with a dry towel.

If there are stains on the tablecloth and tablemats, sprinkle a little hydrogen peroxide on the stains and rub it after 15 minutes with vinegar and water solutions.

Clean the dining table, chairs and any other furniture as per suggested for the furniture cleaning in the living room.

Clean the carpet and rugs.

Vacuum or sweep the floor to remove all the dust.

Wipe the room first with a room cleanser and later with a dry towel.

Spray the mild room freshner in the dining room as per directions.

Arrange fresh flowers or vegetables or fruits on the dining table.

Kids room

You had a peaceful and delicious dinner. It is time to put your baby to sleep. You are almost convinced that you can never clean up your kid's room entirely. Wait! Here are some magic steps for 30 minutes that will change your conception and will end your howling at kids for making a mess around the room.

First and foremost get your kid out of the room if he/ she is underage to understand cleaning. Otherwise seek your kid's help and keep them away from toxic cleansers.

Keep all the supplies to clean the room handy.

Gather all dirty clothes and put it away at laundry.

Collect all the trash in the room and put it in wastebasket.

Remove curtains and draperies to wash or have them cleaned according to directions.

Dust the ceilings, windowpanes, walls, toys and ceiling fan.

Arrange toys nicely and in accordance with your kid's tastes.

Vacuum or sweep the floor to remove all dust.

Wipe the room first with a room cleanser and later with a dry towel.

Take out all clean clothes and fold it or rehang well.

Make your kid's bed by smoothing bed sheets, blankets and comforters.

Put a mosquito mat out of your kid's reach for a little time.

Put your kid to bed and read a storybook or sing a lullaby for them.

Story first published: Tuesday, December 26, 2006, 18:08 [IST]
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