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How To Check Your Gas Cylinder Level With A Wet Cloth Trick

When a gas cylinder runs out while cooking food, it is no less than a nightmare. Therefore, some opt for a double cylinder to get rid of this problem. But, we can deny that it is the problem in every household.

To withstand high pressure and for the storage and containment of the gas, a gas cylinder is made from high carbon steel, manganese steel or aluminium alloy. It comes in an opaque container which makes it impossible to know the gas levels or monitor them.

While some people lift the heavy cylinder to get an idea of the gas levels, for others it proves to be a daunting task and others rely on the colour of the flame which changes from blue to yellow when the gas levels are very low. Therefore, through this article, we will show you a trick which will ensure that you will always find out about the gas cylinder levels and stay prepared before the gas runs out and book your cylinder on time.

The Wet Cloth Trick

When a gas cylinder runs out at a time when you are halfway through your cooking, it can be frustrating, especially at night. There is nothing worse than going to bed on an empty stomach. Fret no more, this wet cloth trick will tackle all your problems and you won't ever have to give thought again about the exhaustion of gas in your home.

Here is how the wet cloth trick works.

Take a wet towel/cloth and wrap it around the cylinder. After some time when the cylinder surface becomes wet from the outside, then remove that cloth. After a few seconds, you will notice that some part of the cylinder has started drying out very quickly and in certain areas, it will be wet. This means that in the area, that doesn't contain the liquid gas, it will be mildly dry and in the area in which the liquid gas is present, it will be wet. When the wet part also tries to dry out, then you will get a hint that you are running out of gas. Therefore, you can keep a track of your gas levels after every 2-3 days by applying this trick.

Story first published: Monday, May 16, 2022, 10:00 [IST]
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