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How To Care For Plants During The Monsoon Season: Here Are 5 Tips

The monsoon showers bring with them the whiff of the rich earth that just instantly activates our olfactory system once and for all.

Do you know what's more amazing? The presence of flora at home. Plants make us feel wholesome and exuberant. Having those adorable potted plants hanging on the balcony or in our rooms, just fill the space and assume their place quite comfortably.

This is the season for new buds to spring to life and the flowers to grow zestfully. Plant care is equally important as self-care for our bodies. The plants make us feel good throughout the year, so taking care of them, particularly in the monsoons, is our responsibility. You can check out the best ideas to guide you in taking care of your plants at home during this season.

Watering in Moderation

During the monsoon season, there is sufficient moisture in the air. The plant leaves absorb humidity. During the summer, plants need more water to sustain the extreme heat and dry weather. But during the rainy season, plants receive water naturally and hence it is advisable to water your plants only if the soil dries up. Make sure to have a hole at the bottom of the pots for the excessive water to drain out and not degrade the soil.


Just like our need for grooming, plants too require pruning. Pruning is a method of trimming the dead leaves or extra outgrown stems to keep the plant safe from parasite infection. Doing this before the start of the season is advisable as new leaves and flowers can grow midway of the season. Also, it keeps the plant in shape and maintains its health making it appear aesthetically pleasing.

Reinforcing the Stems

If your plants are situated on the balcony or near a window, then constant strong winds during the monsoon can weaken the stem of the plant. The stem begins to droop, losing its posture, and eventually dies. For this reason, tie a sturdy stick that keeps the stem upright thereby preventing it from falling.

Make Way for Air

Often, during the monsoons, we keep our doors and windows shut to prevent the water from coming in. Keeping the windows shut for a few hours is not an issue but if kept for too long then it might cause problems for your plant. Indoor plants might require less or no sunlight but they do need ventilation to keep their processes continued. During a sunny day in the monsoons, try opening up or placing your plants near a window or balcony to help them sustain themselves.

Tilling the Soil

It is necessary to take care of soil health. Once in a few weeks, have a habit of tilling the soil in the pot with your hands or small tools. This safeguards the soil from stagnation and makes the roots breathable improving air circulation and water seepage.

Plant care, keeping in mind the above points can certainly help in keeping your plants wholesome and healthy this monsoon!

Photos courtesy: Unsplash and FreePik.

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