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Aloe Vera, Cactus, Moth Orchid - 7 Best House Plants For Winter

House plants are an integral part of home decor. They improve the quality of air and environment of the house. Especially during winters, they can keep you comforted and welcoming. The plants have different needs during the winter season. Many of them have the tendency to hibernate or have arrested growth in cold weather.

During the winter season, these plants require less water and nutrition to thrive. The placement of indoor plants also needs to be shifted during winters. The amount of sunlight entering the space is limited and hence it is necessary to have winter plants that survive in less amount of light.

Here are seven of the best house plants for the winters:

1. Aloe vera

It is a common medicinal plant in Indian households that flowers in winter. They require less maintenance look well with contemporary house interiors.

2. Cactus

The plant has a great ability to store water and nutrients. Cactus looks good in a cluster and survives well in the winter.

3. ZZ Plant

It is a drought-tolerant plant and has shiny-waxy leaves which perenially give a fresh look to the space. It can survive less sunlight and restrained watering. These plants look great next to an accent wall or a wall painting.

4. Haworthia

The plant needs good sunlight and can bear with the cold weather. The leafy plant is a low-maintenance one and hence works well in the winter atmosphere.

5. Jade Plant

This plant can tolerate varying room temperatures throughout the year. They can thrive in indirect sunlight and less water. They grow beautifully as they age.

6. Moth Orchid

They are beautiful flowering plants that can thrive on indirect light. They can bloom throughout the winter season with little maintenance and have average soil moisture.

7. Rubber Tree

It's easy to grow and maintain the rubber tree. If you love to have huge plants in the house then this one is a white choice. They can grow up to two and a half meters long. If you have less space in the home, you can plant the tree on the balcony. It thrives in medium to bright sunlight and temperatures as low as 15 degrees.

Landscaping a home can be a healthy exercise. The family can decorate the space with a combination of flowering and leafy plants. Indoor landscaping is all about inviting outdoors to the indoors so learn to strike the design balance. Deck up your home with these winter-suited plants and let us know how it worked for you in the comments.

Happy Planting!

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