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Garden Arch Styles That Transform Your Outdoor Space

It is in nature that man finds peace. While spending time with nature do we find ourselves happy. We do not worry about what is bothering us and we take time to become one with nature.

Now, it is a well-accepted fact that the place where a person feels the most comfortable is his or her home. It is there that you are able to relax yourself and you do not have to worry about what others feel about you.

For obvious reasons, the home is a sheltered place as it has to protect you from the adverse weather conditions and challenging natural conditions (including that of wild animals). That is why our homes are made of concrete and are often multi-storied in nature.

The only way by which we connect to the lap of nature from the comfort of our homes is through the garden. As humans, we take utmost care to ensure that our gardens are among the most beautiful ones in the locality.

One of the most efficient ways of beautifying a garden would be by the archs that are present in our garden. This article talks about some of the most beautiful arches that can totally transform how your garden looks.

1. Decorative Metal Arch

The advantage of using a metal arch is the fact that it is very strong and can easily support the growth of plants. They make the perfect setting for the growth of roses. You do not have to worry about thorns as they can be easily clipped and tied to a place.

Other side of climbers and lattice sides can also be grown on such structures in order to increase the aesthetic appeal of your garden. To make matters even better, these types of arches are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can easily make your pick from the available options.

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2. Cottage Garden Wooden Arch

This is ideal in a bungalow setting where the entire house has an old-fashioned appeal. This type of arch gives the garden a very cozy appeal and it is particularly suited for places where the size of the garden is a constraint.

This type of arch can accommodate flowers like honeysuckle and jasmine and make your entire garden smell of the fragrance of the same. It will be wise to consider having two such arches on either side of the garden to complete the look.

3. Contemporary Wooden Arch

Just because it is an arch in wood, it does not mean that the design has to be old fashioned. If your house is pretty modern and you would want to extend the look to your garden as well, you may want to go for longer and wider arches.

This is all the way more appropriate for gardens that are larger in size. You can then go for any form of bold climbers that leave a lot of big flowers and leaves dangling around.

4. Wrought Iron Arch

There is a certain elegance that is unique to wrought iron alone and none can compete with the same. That is why an arch made of wrought iron is considered to be the most appropriate one for the growth of roses.

As classical as it sounds, roses look all the way prettier in the backdrop of a wrought iron stand and that is why this particular frame is the preferred choice of many people. These days, wrought iron arches are available in many shapes and sizes and you can choose one based on the size of the garden.

5. Wall Arch

This is suitable for pathways where there is limited or no apace available. Here the arch expends itself like it would normally do and on the other side, it cumulates in the wall. Now you might feel that an arch that cumulates in the wall will look like an incomplete arch.

However, if you can team it with appropriate flowers, the same will look absolutely gorgeous. If you do not have a wall, you may consider wanting to do this over a fence as well. This sort of simple arc design has the capability to turn any bleak concrete spot to beautiful openings of nature.

6. Plastic Arch

We understand that you may want to keep things organic in the garden of your dreams. However, it is not a bad idea to take the help of man made products to establish the same. Plastic frames have the advantage that they are easy to carry and if the situation so demands, the same can be routed to another place.

Ferns and herbal plants are ideal for this type of setup as they are lightweight and can easily cover up all that you do not want to be seen.

7. Bamboo Arch

Bamboo is a naturally occurring plant that is strong and durable. The strength of the bamboo is such that the same is used in the construction of houses in many regions of the country. Using bamboo a basic structure can be prepared.

Once that is done, you can go ahead and design the growth of your plants in and around it without having to worry about whether the structure would be able to take the load of the growing plants. This type of structure is suitable for plants with heavier leaves and flowers.

8. Arch With Edible Plants

While all of us are aware of the beauty of plants and it does make sense to plant some of it in the garden, it is an even better idea to make an arch out of edible plants. Not only will the structure look appealing to the eyes, it will also give you the pleasure of eating things straight out of your home garden.

You can start off by planning the vegetables of your choice around your chosen frame structure. There are a number of edible flowers available. You can go ahead and include those in your kitchen-garden arch.

Story first published: Monday, July 9, 2018, 16:55 [IST]
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