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Flowers For Your Garden To Boost Your Mood

The stress and tension of modern life are the primary reasons people have bad moods. Other psychological factors also have a role to play. Sometimes the fact that we are physically unwell spoils our mood. To top it all, often we see that there are hormones at play that worsen our mood. Now, there is no point brooding over why our mood is bad and feeling bad about the same.

The only way out of this is to look for ways and means to elevate the mood so that you do not feel upset. By striving to come out of your bad mood, you will actually be making yourself more productive.

Now it is a well-established fact that people perform to the best of their abilities only when they are in tune with nature. Thus, by surrounding ourselves with plants and animals (in the form of pets), we are able to snap out of our bad moods. This article talks about such plants, the presence of which fosters the generation of a better mood in an individual. Read on to know more about the same.

• Rose

This particular flower has often been associated with the emotions of love and affection. Roses are available in a number of hues. Each of these colours may signify something different, but all of them play equal contributors to mood elevation. It is the combined effect of the sight and smell of a rose that makes a person feel good about both themselves as well as the world around.

• Rosemary

Most of us are familiar with rosemary in the form of a herb that finds extensive use in the kitchen. However, it is the other application of rosemary that makes this flower all the more special. Rosemary is known to make a person more attentive, thereby, making them more alert and more vigorous. It is a good idea to have a rosemary plant in your home garden as that is known to make you more cheerful.

• Chamomile

This flower is not just good to look at, but also has a calming effect on our nerves. Most of us are familiar with the mellow and floral taste of chamomile tea and how consumption of the same makes you feel so much better about yourself. Extracts of this flower are known to tackle sleep disorders, particularly in the aged section of the population. An impressive mood lifter, viewing the chamomile flowers on a daily basis helps to keep one active and rejuvenated.

• Lavender

This is one of the easiest available plants in the Indian subcontinent. Research has shown that inhalation of lavender oil brings down stress and anxiety levels. It is aesthetic to the eye and having one in close sight for 6 to 8 hours of the day significantly brings down the chances of an individual suffering from depression. This is especially true in case of post-partum depression.

• Basil

It is the linalool that is present in basil that makes it so potent. The same is responsible for protecting the body from cognitive damage and elevating the mood of an individual by fighting depression. Unlike the previously discussed plants, this herb is not very pleasing to the eyes or the nose. However, the effect of this herb on the tongue is so strong that it is sufficient to elevate the mood of an individual.

• Onion

Very few of us can think of preparing a meal that is completely devoid of onions. Although chopping of onions makes one feel teary, the fact is that this plant is loaded with heart support building nutrients. By increasing the dopamine activity in the hypothalamus, what onion does is amplify its antidepressant effect.

Like the basil, most of the mood-elevating properties of onion may be attributed to the human taste buds. The fact that growing and maintenance of an onion plant is much easier than that of most other floral plants makes it a favourite in the list.

• Oregano

This particular herb is something all of us pizza lovers are well acquainted with. However, most of us do not know that oregano works wonders in making a person happy. The same may be attributed to the strong antidepressant effects of this herb.

A major advantage of this herb is that you can grow it even if you do not have a huge garden at your disposal. This herb is seen to thrive just as fine even on balconies and windowsills that receive adequate sunlight.

• Fennel

This is another flower that grows well without demanding too much attention. This flower is a great source of nectar to bees, and its green leaves and flat umbels of bright yellow flowers are a treat to the eyes. This plant is loaded with medicinal properties and the leaves and root of this plant are known to boost not just the mood of an individual, but also their immune system.

• Sunflower

The sheer sight and smell of a sunflower are enough to elevate the mood of an individual. Broadly speaking, although this particular flower is loaded with goodness, the best thing about the flower is the presence of phenylalanine. This particular component is known to act on our hormones and thereby, make us feel much better.

To make things better, sunflowers are usually found in long rows and the effect of having so many flowers at one go simply amplifies the mood-elevating properties of this flower.

• Yarrow

This flower is mostly found in the hill stations. It is typically white in colour and as it ages, the corners attain a pink colour. Such is the beauty of this flower that scientists have confirmed its usage as a mood elevator. These days, yarrow is used as a sedative in the treatment of anxiety. This is particularly true in case of anxiety patients who also suffer from high blood pressure.

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