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Best Tips For Having A Terrace Garden

By Debdatta Mazumder

Today, space for gardening is really a luxury. Maximum people live in apartments; and if not, they don’t have much space in the front or backside of their houses.

If you have the wonderful hobby of gardening, you may feel low with such a small space. But, you know, passion finds its way to come out. Terrace gardening is that way where you can fulfill your hobby and dream of living within a small piece of nature. Little bit of greenery in your house will make your house look pleasant, peaceful and calming.

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Now, there are certain rules for terrace gardening. As you get limited space, you need to be very careful while installing a terrace garden. According to experts, you can have flower as well as veggies growing in your terrace.

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With some interesting ways, you can build a beautiful terrace garden and grow vegetables and flowers at your terrace. Here, you will get some ideas about it, take a look.


Get The Right Space:

If your house is built on the strongest base, your terrace can easily take the load of a terrace garden, even with bigger trees. If you want a big garden, cover the entire surface with soil and go for it. You can also use pots where no extra efforts are required.


Waterproofing Is A Must:

To keep your house safe from any side effects of terrace gardening, you need to waterproof your terrace. If you are going to cover the entire terrace with soil, you must waterproof it to keep your home safe from any leakage.


Check Out The Soil Type

Having the right kind of soil is very important to have a terrace garden. A perfect mixture of soil, fertilizers and compost can give you the maximum yield. Also, you need to check that heavy rain adds enough nutrients to the soil.


Pots Are Better

If you are a beginner at gardening, you could start from the simple tips. Buy pots and go for small gardening options. Once you get it right, you can start by covering a small space of your terrace and can go for gardening a bigger area. Tomatoes, chillies, okra, etc., can be grown well in pots, as they don't need much space


Water Your Garden:

This is a common tip. You should change your watering style according to seasons. In summer, you need to water your plants twice daily to keep the soil moisturised. During winter, you should press the soil with your hand and check for the moisture level. Then, water accordingly.

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