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Herbs To Grow In Pots

By Debdatta Mazumder

Today, people mainly live in apartments. So, it is very difficult to get space for having a garden of their own. Still, there are many people living in the countryside who are fond of gardening and have a small kitchen garden at their backyard.

However, what to do if you don't have space for that and gardening is your passion? Well, you could grow certain herbs that grow in pots and fulfil this dream of yours.

A little greenery in your house not only changes the interior decoration of your room, but also soothes your eyes. Besides, growing herbs means tasty foods.

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If you grow oregano in pots, you can make your soups and pizzas yummier by adding some fresh herbs growing in the pots.

There are numerous herbs like mint, basil, etc., that you could grow in pots. Having such herbs in your house can refresh you with the exotic aroma after a tiring day and the greenery can surely uplift your mood instantly.

Another benefit of growing herbs in the pots is that you can easily adjust the soil according to the plant that you've chosen to grow. Besides, you can move the pots if required and even watering them will be a simple task.

Also, if you arrange those pots beautifully, they will increase the aesthetic value of your room. So, read on to know more about the herbs that you can grow in pots.

1. Mint: It won't take much time to grow into a large bush. You can use it to make tea, chutney or use it in soups. This herb can cope in a space that doesn't get much sunlight. This is definitely one of the best herbs that can be grown in pots.

2. Lemon Thyme: This herb, with an adorable aroma of lemon, can give a fresh green look to your house. The pointed, small green leaves and the little aromatic flowers give the herb a beautiful look. As the herb grows faster, you can trim it well to maintain the size.

3. Chives: You may have brought this herb from the market for your dishes. Why not plant chives in a pot and make it handy? It needs damp soil and sunlight for only 4-5 hours. The flowers that bloom in the spring season make it look more enchanting.

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4. Nasturtium: While looking for herbs to grow in pots, this is one you can consider. Late spring is the best time to sow seeds in a container. You don't need to fertilize the soil; rather, use perlite to make the herb yield more flowers.

5. Parsley: You should keep patience, as parsley needs more time to come out from the seed. But, when it starts growing, it can provide you with leaves and flowers for almost two years. Fill up a window box with soil and sow lots of parsley seeds in it.

6. Basil: Though basil loves warmth, it will not grow under direct sunlight. So, keep the pot in a warm and sheltered space. The best time to sow basil is in the month of June. You should use well-drained soil, as water can spoil the root of the basil.

7. Coriander: This is one of the best herbs to grow in pots and also the most used herbs in your kitchen. The best time to sow coriander is from August to September. Soon, it will produce leaves and flowers.

8. Thyme: Consider this as one of the useful herbs to grow in pots. The unique flavour of this herb can make any dish taste exclusive. Thyme needs a well-drained soil, so never over-water it. You can buy the plant from any of the nurseries and take care of it.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 3, 2016, 20:30 [IST]
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