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8 Best Veggies To Grow In Summer

By Debdatta Mazumder

There are mainly 50 kinds of edible vegetables, which can be divided into two groups namely the cool weather vegetables and the warm weather vegetables.

To grow the warm season veggies, the soil and temperature should be warm and the plants must be able to withstand the hot weather. Do you have a kitchen garden? Then, you should know about the best veggies to grow in summer.

What are the best veggies to grow this summer? There are watermelons, pumpkins, etc, that fall into this category. What are the conditions for growing such vegetables?

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Expert gardeners suggest that these vegetables need 8-10 hours of incessant sun-rays and the soil's pH should be around 6.5. Usually, the seeds of warm season vegetables are directly placed into the garden for germination.

As soon as small plants come out of the seeds, they can be transplanted into pots and kept inside the house for eight weeks.

After that, they are ready to be placed again in the garden. Okra, beans, pumpkins are some of the best veggies that you can grow in the summer season.

So have a look at some of the best veggies that you can grow in the summer season.


1. Tomatoes:

When red tomatoes peep from the green bushes, it looks wonderful, right? Summer is the best season for growing tomatoes, as it requires a warm soil. But, you have to be careful about watering because lack of moisture can rot tomatoes easily.


2. Eggplants:

This is one of the best veggies to grow this summer in your kitchen garden. With proper amount of sunlight and adequate water, these plants can give you fleshy and soft eggplants to enjoy this summer.


3. Pepper:

Pepper is one such vegetable that can be grown in varieties. You can also grow them with tomatoes. The hotness of the peppers depends on the sun's rays. There is a variety of pepper that becomes hotter and picks a distinct flavour under the brightening sun.


4. Cucumbers:

Are you looking for the best veggies to grow in summer? Then, cucumber is a good option. Though the fruit keeps you cool in this hot weather, it requires warmth to grow well. Don't forget to water it well to avoid bitterness in them.


5. Pumpkins:

Pumpkins can be seeded directly and it requires a hot temperature to grow well. Besides, you need enough space to grow pumpkins, as the vines are long and fruits are huge. If you want to be a prize winner, you need to take a special care of your pumpkins.


6. Beans:

You should also consider this among the best veggies to grow in summer. There are different types of beans that you can grow in your garden. Green beans or yellow beans are grown in bushes, whereas pole beans need a fence to spread the vines.


7. Watermelons:

On hot summer afternoons, chunks of watermelon give you a certain bliss. Why not grow them in your garden then? Along with several hot days, you'll need to water the plants while they're growing and yielding fruits.


8. Corn:

The pollination of corn is based on wind. To enhance pollination, you should plant them in short rows and keep 1-feet space between each plant. If you live in an area where summer is dry, water your corn plants carefully. This is definitely one of the yummiest and best veggies that you can grow in summer.

Story first published: Monday, April 4, 2016, 22:00 [IST]
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