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Weird Gardening Tips That You Never Knew


ardening is one of the most enjoyable hobbies. This will make your life colourful and will fill each day with the hope of something new for the next day. While looking for improving your effort, you might have come across many of the effective tips that are constantly told by experts in the field.


But, it is interesting to know that there are many weird garden tips that can bring you surprising results.

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No matter whether you consider gardening as a hobby or a profession, it is better to have some effective ways in your mind. Traditional and natural methods are used by many. But to find some weird garden tips, you may need some trial and error or you may get some instant ideas accidently.

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When you hear of some of the weird garden tips, you may think it’s crazy. But, it will work more effectively than you imagine. Many ideas tried and tested by people can be useful for you as well. Here, we are discussing some of the tested strange gardening tips. Try the one that suits your garden.


Egg Shells

Calcium rich egg shells will definitely boost your garden. Dried egg shells are great natural fertilizers. Don't throw the shells in the dustbin. Just crush it and throw them into the soil. It is even good to start planting your seeds in egg shells. It can be a perfect pot for your little seedling.


Epsom Salt:

Epsom salt contains high quantity of magnesium and sulphate. Plants need these nutrients to enrich it. Tomatoes and peppers usually get more benefits from this gardening tip. It is better to add one table spoon of Epsom salt into the soil before planting.


Use Diapers:

Have you ever thought of using the water retaining capacity of diapers to grow your plants? Tear the diaper covering, take out the gel and soak it in water. You can mix this gel with soil and can use this to grow plants. But, avoid this for growing edible plants.


Forks For Pets:

Your pets may spoil your garden by walking or running through it. All your hard work will be of no use because of pets. Don't worry, there is a good idea! Just keep some plastic forks in the soil. Try this simple weird tip and see that your pets stay away from your precious garden..


Powdered Milk:

Seems like the weirdest tip! But, many say that it works for tomatoes the most. By adding powdered milk to the soil, you can produce sweet and juicy tomatoes. Try it and get good tasty tomatoes. These gardening tips are effective and productive.


Sweet Cucumbers:

If you want cucumbers to be sweeter than normal, plant it near the sunflower. One of the most familiar features is that both need same soil. Stalks of sunflower also help the cucumber to climb. This is one of the effective gardening tips.


Cooking Water:

Don't waste your vegetable cooking water. This water is said to have high quantity of nutrients. It can be a good fertilizer. Just save the cooking water and let it cool down. This is the best option to grow a healthy garden.

Try these weird gardening tips and enjoy your hobby.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 11, 2015, 3:02 [IST]
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