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Tips To Remove Mold From Garden Soil

By Pooja

Do you know that removing mold from soil revives the life of a plant? Try these tips which I tried at my home garden. My hibiscus plant gradually turned from a blossoming plant to a withering one. No bud could survive and all the new growing leaves started taking a stunted look. There was a white feathery covering spreading across the stems, leaves and buds. All kinds of pesticides, both chemical and herbal, proved to be ineffective and the plant went on deteriorating. With no option left I decided to consult a specialist and got a surprising answer. The problem was not with the plant but in the soil.


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It was rather surprising but made sense. If the soil was not healthy the plant was bound to suffer. So now my task was to get to removing mold from garden soil. A bit of research and reading soon revealed the process and it was a pretty simple one. All that was needed was a little bit of time and some basic material to bring the plant back to its original state.

So let us get to know how to remove mold from garden soil. The required material include basic garden tools like fork, spade and trowel, gloves, vinegar, spray bottle, fresh soil, fertilizer, and trash bag.


Identify Mold

Mold in the garden can be seen in the soil as a white layer. It can also be seen on plant stems which look like feathery clusters. It can also be green or black in color and appears to be spreading across the soil and on to the stems of the plant. Removing mold from garden keeps your plant healthy as it can be harmful to the plant and needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Remove Plant

When removing mold from garden soil it is important to first remove the plant from its place. The area of the garden in infected and hence the plant needs to be extracted from its place and replaced only when proper measures are taken. If you have a potted plant you must remove the plant from the pot. Make sure you are wearing garden gloves while performing the entire procedure.

Scrape Top Layer

It is the top layer of the soil where the mold spreads rapidly. As a first step of treatment make sure to scrape off the top layer, at least two inches from the top. Doing so will ensure that all infected soil has been removed to make place for new and healthy soil.

Dispose Infected Soil

Do not let the infected soil lie around. It can lead to infection in other regions as well. Soon after scraping the top layer fill the infected soil into garbage bags. It is important to dispose off this soil and prevent any further molding.

Spray Disinfecting Solution

The infected soil will have to be replaced with healthy soil but not straightaway. It is important to make sure that no further infection will occur and hence it becomes necessary to disinfect the region. Mix equal quantities of vinegar and water and spray in the garden soil or the pot. You will have to continue this spraying while you refill the soil too.

Replace Infected Soil

Your garden or pot is now ready to receive the soil and the plant as well. Mix appropriate amount of fertilizer to the soil and fill it in the planting spot or the pot. When removing mold from garden and refilling with new soil it is advisable to provide nutrition to the new soil. It helps keep the plant healthy and prevents further molding.

Plants are a source of satisfaction and great delight. The sight of fresh green leaves are very soothing and relaxing to the senses. In order to continue deriving such pleasure it is essential to take care of plants and when required take proper steps to removing mold from garden soil and plants.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 5, 2015, 21:00 [IST]
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