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10 Shade Loving Plants


If your yard does not receive enough sun light and you think that you can't grow beautiful plants and flowers. You might be surprised and happy to know that there are some beautiful plants that love shade.

Luckily, there are some beautiful shade loving plants in India, that we will share with you today.

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If your garden is shady or you don't have enough time to look after plants for sun light. There is a good news for you. There are some flowering plants that love shade and grow well in dark areas

Can plants grow without sunlight? Today, Boldsky will share with you some shade loving plants in India. Have a look at some beautiful flowers that grow without sunlight.



They come in vivid colours. Bright red and pink florets are the most popular. Fuchsia flourishes best in partial shade for whole day. Plant it in early spring.


Bleeding Heart Plant

It flourishes in shady cool and moist environments. Plant it in spring and soil should be rich with organic matter. This is one of the plants that need full shade.



They thrive well in rocky areas and rock gardens. It also grows in containers and bedding. Slugs and snails can easily attack the plant so use copper strips around it. This is one of the beautiful shade loving plants in India.



To plant it, scatter seeds and cover sparingly with soil. It grows well in shady areas or under tall plants. Keep the soil always moist. This plant does not need so much maintenance. Give some general fertiliser once a season.


Jacob's Ladder

Clusters of flowers grow on its tip. They bloom in spring and have light purple or blue blossoms. They grow in partial shade and sow seeds in spring. Soil should be rich, moist and cool. This is one of the most beautiful flowers that grow without sunlight.



They grow in partial to full shade. These plants also need less care and maintenance. They have glossy leaves which make it attractive even when there are no flowers. Water them regularly and keep the soil moist but not too much wet. Plant in rich soil and use fertiliser once a month. They can easily frost so bring them indoors when temperature drops.



They are best pots, indoors, flower beds and hanging baskets. This is one of the beautiful plants that need full shade and hates frost. It needs little care and attention. Water it generously, but allow the soil to dry also. Add fertiliser to soil once a month.


Lily Of The Valley

It thrives in deeply shaded and dark areas. Plant it in spring and grow the plants atleast four inches apart from each other as it spreads quickly. It is one of the plants that grow in shade in India.


Wild Violet

It thrives well in intensely shaded areas. It is sweet-smelling plant and it also tastes sweet. Soil should be rich in organic matter and well drained.


Hosta Lily

Once the plant is established, it doesn't need much care. It grows in partial to full shade. The soil should be rich in nutrients and moist. Protect it from frost by covering it or bringing it indoors.

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