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Simple Gardening Tips For Winter

By Debdatta Mazumder

Gardening is a great thing to do that can, for sure, enhance your creativity. Winter is the season of flowers and vegetables. If you want a kitchen garden or a flower bed to enhance the beauty of your house, this is the season you've been waiting for.

But, you also need to pay special attention to your plants. Otherwise, your garden can look tattered.

With simple gardening tips for winter, you can plan your garden with lively green vegetables and colourful flowers.

One of the most important winter care tips for plants is to clean and cover up your garden. Frost and snow fall can be other enemies for your plants during winter. If you want to see your plants healthy and happy during winter, you need to plan ahead. Initially, you should clear out the unhealthy and blackened stems from the foliage.

Thus, you can avoid the attacks of pathogens which cause various plant diseases. Winter is also the season of the hatching of insects’ eggs. They dwell on the leaves of plants and end up eating those, thereby spoiling the greens. To get rid of these problems, you should eliminate the unhealthy leaves, black stems, etc.

What are the simple winter care gardening tips for plants that you can follow? Though each plant needs special care and attention, here are some simple gardening tips for winter you can follow for any kind of plant.


1. Place Plants in Pots:

Winter is the season when you get less sunlight, as the days are short. However, your plants need some amount of sunlight to grow. The easiest plan is to place your plants into pots. Thus, you can move them to the brighter sides of your garden.


2. Clean up:

When you need winter care tips for plants, you should do this at the beginning. Preparing your soil is the first step. Dig up the soil, remove weeds and add some compost to improve the quality of the soil. By following these steps, you can prepare the soil with foods for the plants.


3. Add Mulch:

Simple gardening tips for winter must include this step. By adding mulch to the soil, you make it moist and increase the temperature of the soil as well. Mulch also works as the barrier that can protect the plants from the scorching heat of the sunlight and extreme cool and rough breeze.


4. Know Your Greenhouse Capacity:

There are certain plants which can't withstand the chilled weather during winter. Know your greenhouse capacity to keep those plants inside during winter and transplant them after a few days as per the temperature conditions. Thus, your plants won't get weak and die.


5. Cover up:

If you want to protect your plants from the winter breeze, cover them with a blanket or sheet. In this way, the warm air from the ground revolves around the plant and keeps it warm. This works as an insulation. Consider this as one of the simple gardening tips for winter.


6. Fertilize:

It is very important to provide essential fertilizers during winter. If you're planning for a flower bed, fertilize the plants twice a month. Make the solution with water and spread it on the soil. The plants can get foods from these fertilizers.


7. Water Thoroughly:

Winter is a dry season. Think how it works on your skin. In the same way, it can make the soil dry and unsuitable for plants. Therefore, you must water your plants at regular intervals, so that the moisture retains in the loam. Isn't it one of the simplest gardening tips for winter?

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Story first published: Thursday, December 10, 2015, 6:00 [IST]
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