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How To Grow Basic Vegetable Garden

By Debdatta Mazumber

Do you find happiness in creating something? Then gardening can be one of the best options to spend your leisure time. If you have certain amount of place at your house, you can be a gardener. Owning a vegetable garden in the little space behind your house is still possible at outskirts of the cities.

But in a metropolitan city, it is quite difficult to have that space as maximum people live in large apartments or duplexes. Still, if you can make it happen, the green corner of your house can soothe your tired eyes.

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Is growing vegetable garden difficult? Not at all. You just need your will power and some extra time at your hand. Why not start growing a kitchen garden? When you will see your plants giving fruits, the joy you’ll feel is unexplainable.

How to grow a basic vegetable garden? You need certain tips for that. If you are an expert gardener, you know how to grow vegetables within little space. But if you’re a beginner, growing vegetable garden can be a learning experience for your life.

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If you are new to it, start at a small scale. You don’t have any plans to sell the vegetables. So, know how much your family requires. Now which vegetables are easy to maintain? You can start with potatoes, radishes, mint, coriander leaves, green pepper etc. how to grow a basic vegetable garden? Read on to know more-

1. Choose The Space- This is the first thing you need to do before growing vegetable garden. You should pick a sunny spot as your plants need it the most. If you are growing salad leaves, make a shade with net. The soil must be moist and well-drained.

2. Know How Much Space You Need- After choosing the area; determine how much you will need to grow vegetables. After all, you are a beginner. Take a small space for the plants. If you don’t have any open space, put different types of herbs into one pot.

3. Clean The Spot- Can you live in a dirty room? Your plants can’t too. So, before planting, clean the spot and get rid of weeds. Also you must not fence your vegetable garden with flower bushes as those are the hiding places of slugs that can harm your vegetable plants.

4. Go For Intensive Gardening- In this method of gardening, you can put different types of vegetables together in a bunch. This can make your garden look better, but you need to remove weeds by hand. Don’t make the bunch too big to reach. It is wonderful for beginners who have little space for gardening.

5. Detail Idea About Compost And Fertilizer- If you really want to know how to grow a basic vegetable garden, never ignore the instructions of using fertilizers. The packets have detail information of using those. Follow carefully.

6. Keep A Source Of Water Near- If you have potted plants, you can water those by yourself. But a spacious garden needs more. So, it will be better if you have a tap outlet near your garden.

7. Know What To Plant- You need to know what kind of vegetables can be grown in the area you chose. Also know what kind of treatment is needed for that particular vegetable.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 26, 2015, 19:02 [IST]
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