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How To Build Bird Bath In Garden


Building a bird bath in garden will not only attract more species of birds to your garden, but also it provides a space for the birds to drink or bathe.

Among the many gardening tips, making a bird bath garden ridge amidst beautiful flowers and trees is definitely a treat for your eyes and it will surely make your day.

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Placement of the bath is the crucial thing while building a bird bath because the birds should find it safe enough to visit the bath.

Therefore, a wisely placed and well constructed bird bath brings in a lot of birds to our garden. Birds do not like fully shaded or space directly under the sun. Most of the birds do not prefer fully exposed baths as it would risk their life to predators.

Building a bird bath in garden near a tree with low vegetation will make it easier for the birds to get away quickly in case of predator attacks. Also, one of the most preferred gardening tips is to plant dry plants near a bird bath to make it bird-friendly.

From the different types of bird bath, choose one that is affordable, attractive, simple and easy to clean.

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A ground bird bath is a simpler bath design where you place the basin on the ground. Adding fountain accessories will make it more attractive. Big birds like quail and duck prefer ground bird baths to bathe and drink.


You can make a hanging bird bath in your garden by suspending a shallow basin with rope or chain from a tree branch or from a garden hook. They are cheap and easy to make but have smaller capacities than some other bath designs.


Pedestal bird baths are the most popular and commonly used among gardeners. You can make a pedestal bird bath by placing an elevated basin where the supporting pillars rest on the ground. Even though they are bulky, you can install and assemble it very easily.


Heated bird baths are used in cold regions. Heated bird baths do not create hot water, but it prevents the water from freezing completely. But, if liquid water is available, the birds can use their caloric energy for generating the heat to survive the extreme cold.


This type of bird baths uses built-in solar panels to get energy for heating the water or in the functioning of fountains or bubblers. These are expensive, but you can remove the panels and use it accordingly.


In addition to a shallow basin for drinking and bathing, a bubbler or dripping fountain is used to create the movement of water. Since the dripping sound and movement of water attracts more birds towards it. This is one of the most widely used gardening tips while building a bird bath in garden.

The construction materials used to create bird baths include concrete, plastic, ceramic, metals like copper or brass, stones, mosaic, glass and marble. Birders and gardeners prefer rounded bird baths with water-related tones like blue, aqua and white along with other decorative garden fixtures to make bird baths more versatile and bird-friendly.

Therefore, choose a bird bath according to your personality, décor your ideas and budget to offer a priceless water resource for all the beautiful birds.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 18:01 [IST]
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