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Growing Coriander In Your Garden

Coriander is a commonly used spice in most households and is also called cilantro. Coriander is a herb and it's seeds are used to spice your dishes up. The leaves of coriander are also very useful and is added in many dishes besides having many many health benefits.

It is used as a carminative. A carminative prevents gas from forming in your intestines and helps to remove gas. It acts as a diuretic. This means it increases the frequency and volume of urine. It is also used for knee pain by applying a paste on the knee. The plant also heals ulcers and aids digestion and reduces headaches.

It is widely used in Indian and other countries. Coriander seeds have a warm, mild flavor. Coriander is also known as Chinese Parsley and Japanese Parsley in some parts of the world as it resembles to parsely in appearance and taste too.

Today, Boldsky will share with you some tips growing coriander indoors and how to grow cilantro or coriander in my garden.

How to grow cilantro in my garden? You can successfully grow your own coriander. After harvesting the first few plants, keep some seed aside. You can plant these seed in the next year. That way you only have to invest once on seeds.

Temperature And Soil
Planting coriander at home is easy and simple. It is an annual herb. It grows best when the temperature is not too cold or extremely hot. Cultivate the soil with spade. Mix rotten leaves, manure or other composts upto 2-3 inches of soil. This will add nourishment and enrich the top layer of soil. Then rake the area to make the soil smooth. The soil would then be ready for planting seeds. This is how to grow cilantro or coriander in your garden.

Climate To Grow Coriander
Corianders thrive best in Tropical climate. You must plant the seeds during early spring time. That is would be during the months of march to may. Corianders prefer full sunlight so it is best that you plant it outdoors than growing coriander inside.

Type Of Soil And Water Requirement For Coriander
It will grow well in soils with alkaline medium of 6.1 to 7.8. Coriander plants will flourish with very little water. Never over water. How to grow coriander in pots at home? If you want to grow it in pots then holes in the pot to drain excess water. Corianders grow from 1 feet tall to 2 feet tall and have delicate roots.

Harvesting And Storage
They lose flavor when dried. It should be used fresh. It can be harvested when the leaves are about six inches tall. The entire plant is edible. you may decide to use the whole in a dish or chop it into fine pieces.

Harvesting The Seeds
The seeds can be harvested too. You have to wait until they are ripe. Ripe seeds have a pleasant aroma. However, don't wait until they drop off the plant, they are meant to be harvested directly from the plant. The seeds are stored and then ground before use. If you store the grounded seeds, the aroma will not be as strong.

Story first published: Sunday, March 1, 2015, 21:31 [IST]
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