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Flower Gardening Tips For Beginners


Gardening is a good hobby to keep you engaged and active. Also, if you take a professional approach towards gardening, you can make it a good source of income too. No matter how big or small your yard is, making a flower garden is an easy task when you think creatively.

An experienced garden lover should only focus on maintaining a garden well. But, as a beginner, you have to take care of many basic things that will determine the success of your effort. This includes many things that range from landscaping to taking care of the flowers in all seasons.

You have to put in a lot of creativity and scientific knowledge to make your dream garden. Start your first flower garden trial and admire the satisfaction that you get by inviting nature to your home.

A beginner will have to go through many trial and error procedures to get an ultimate result. This article on flower gardening tips for beginners, will help you to skip some possible and expected gardening mistakes.

Selection Of Garden Space

Selecting and designing a good area for your garden is very important. The area should have essential properties that support plant growth like a good appearance, healthy soil, good water retaining capacity, proper height from the normal water level of the ground and enough sunlight.

Pot Selection

Selecting good pots for your flower garden is important not only to keep your garden beautiful, but also to support the healthy growth of your plants. Remember to select pots depending on the type of plant that you choose, and consider its final expected size after its full growth.

Plant Selection

Probably, selecting plants for a garden is the most confusing and puzzling thing for beginners. There are many factors to be considered like the climate, season, water-holding capacity of the soil, chances of pest attack and colour of the flowers.

Preparation Of Soil

Failure in preparing the soil first is a major reason why many beginners fail in their attempt. Take time to prepare the soil with enough manure or compost mix. Also, if the soil is not having a good water-retaining capacity, add products to increase this. Planting should be done only after preparing a perfect soil.


Fertilization is important to maintain a healthy growth of your plant. Each plant has different growth requirements, and you have to decide the frequency of fertilizing your flower plant based on this fact. Also, know the correct amount of manure needed. Using organic manure is the best option.


The water requirements of plants vary depending on the type of plants and the season. One among the important flower gardening tips for beginners is to keep an eye on the water requirement of your plants. Too much and too little of water can damage your plants.

Join An Online Forum

You can get flower gardening tips for beginners from experienced people who already have established gardens. They can give you more practical advices than theoretical suggestions. Joining a forum can help you clear all your doubts on making and maintaining a flower garden.

Do you have more flower gardening tips or suggestions for beginners? Do share them with us!

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Story first published: Saturday, December 19, 2015, 18:30 [IST]
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