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Steps To Plant Papayas In Your Garden


With its sweet taste and wide variety of health benefits, papaya is now a part of our daily diet. Each and every part of a papaya tree contains medicinal properties. So, planting a papaya tree in your garden can be of great benefits for your health.

Papaya, with its high nutritive and medicinal value, has become a commercially important fruit of the country. It’s easy to grow papaya. You just need to follow some simple steps to plant papaya in your garden.

Ripe papaya is the best refreshing fruit with a good source of vitamin A, B and C. It also contains appreciable minerals and a little protein as well. Papaya has so many health benefits. It is a good skincare as well. Also, it is a good medicine for constipation, cholesterol, intestinal worms and weight loss.

Here are some tips to plant papaya in your garden. The easiest way to grow papaya is from its seed. This is also the cheapest way as a single papaya will yield several hundred black seeds. So dry them out on a paper and you will get enough seeds to sprout papaya for the rest of your life.

Here we discuss steps to plant papaya in order to ensure a good supply of this fruit throughout the year.

Climate, Soil & Water: First step to plant papaya is to check the climate, soil and water. For good growth of papaya, you need a warm climate with lots of sunlight, sufficient water and good soil. They need soil rich in organic matter and nutrients.

Transplantation: Pot planting is not applicable as it disturbs the roots of papaya. It is good to make planting beds in different locations and sprinkle seeds on them. Transplant them when they start germinating. For quick recovery from transplantation, water them regularly.

Cropping: Papaya plants can be male, female or bisexual. Male don’t bear fruits. So make sure that you have female and bisexual seedlings. For effective pollination, you need only one male for 15 females. So these tips to plant papaya should be followed.

Harvesting & Storing: Papaya can be eaten as a fruit as well as a vegetable. But we prefer it as a fruit as it is so tasty. Harvesting can be done any time after the fruit is green or yellow. Once you ripened papaya as a fruit, try to use refrigerator to extend its life.

Common Problems: Over watering, cool weather, strong winds can damage the growth of papaya. Start new planting as young papayas are least affected by insects or viruses. Viruses affected plants should be cleared quickly.

When compared with other fruits, it is easier to plant papaya. Besides, it has so many health benefits. Plant papaya tree in your garden and make your diet healthy. Eat papaya and beat various health problems.

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