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Top 6 Gardening Tips For Sowing New Seeds

By Asha Das

Gardening is the most common and relaxing hobby that can earn joy and in some cases money. No matter whether you are planning to set up a flower garden or a vegetable garden, knowing the proper methods and techniques of gardening is crucial. Knowing some tips for sowing seeds is one among them.

Flower gardens and lawns are very popular choices of people who want to make their house and yard look beautiful. Indoor gardens and lawns are also becoming trendy. Now days, people are much health conscious and they prefer home grown vegetables and fruits. This also increased the need for knowing some tips for sowing seeds in a perfect way to get a good result.

Sowing a seed and watching it growing is one of the exciting experiences that any garden lover can have. You can make gardening an exciting experience if you follow some tips for sowing seeds. Here are some effective and useful gardening tips for sowing seeds that may help you to a great extend in this context.

Select the season: Selecting the best season for sowing your seeds has great importance. Different seeds grow well at different temperature and climate. So, find out the best season that provides maximum growth support for your seeds.

Dig the soil: It will be always better if you can keep the soil loosened before sowing the seeds. This will help in better rate of germination and growth of the seeds. Loosened soil will give a perfect rooting that will help support the further growth of your plant.

Add fertilisers: You can also add some manure to the soil after making it loosened, so that you will get maximum germinated seeds out of the sowed ones. Decide the type of fertiliser based on the type of plant and its growth requirements. This remains as one of the important tips for sowing seeds.

Perfect sowing technique: Throwing down your seeds simply to the soil is not the perfect way to sow it. You have to consider the type of plant that will come out of the seed. Arrange the number of seeds in a pit and the distance between the pits based to this consideration.

Watering: Watering at proper interval remains as one of the gardening tips for sowing seeds that determine the growth of your seeds. Understand the nature of seeds that you are sowing because while some seeds need more water, some prefer medium watering.

Protect the seedbed: Once you finished sowing seeds successfully, your task will be completed only with providing enough protection to the seedbed. Maintain a wet seedbed that is kept secluded from any sources that can destroy it.

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Story first published: Sunday, February 2, 2014, 9:02 [IST]
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