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8 Types Of Natural Compost For Gardens


Do you believe in natural composting when it comes to looking after your garden? Natural compost for plants helps them to breathe naturally and to grow well. When you sprinkle chemical compost on your plants, they become feeble and so dry up no matter how good the weather is for their growth. There are some basic natural composts for garden soil which you can use to help your garden look greener and fresh.

Some of the worst things to compost include cooking oil, walnuts, dead plants, and most baked goods since these things contain certain toxins.


These ten types of natural compost for your garden is also easily available. It is normally just the remains from your kitchen which is used on your garden soil to help them grow better. Take a look at some of the natural composts for gardening:



After you are done grinding your fruit to make a juice, use the pulp as a compost for your vegetable garden. Fruit pulp help to attract earthworms for your garden.


Egg Shells

Egg shells are another natural compost for gardens. Egg shells not only provide mineral and proteins to the soil, but also helps to keep away rodents from damaging the crop.


Coffee Grounds

Coffee contains just the right amount of minerals and acids that help your plants grow faster and look healthier. This is one of the best natural compost for gardens soil.


Used Tea Bags

The other best type of natural compost for gardens soil is tea bags. The nutrients which is present in tea bags like herbal and black tea are very nourishing to Mother Nature.



Cooked rice contains carbohydrates and starch which is essential for the garden soil. It is one of the natural compost for gardens, especially fruit gardens.


Peanut Cover

Peanut shells are always thrown into gardens for healthy soil. The shells of the groundnuts are great to compost due to certain nutrients they contain.


Left Over Bread

The soil of your garden loves any type of grain. So, do not thrown away the bread crust or spoiled bread. This is one type of natural compost for gardens soil.


Date Seeds

The seeds of date are highly valuable when it comes to looking after your garden soil. A lot of people use date seeds to strengthen the roots of your plant.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 10, 2014, 19:31 [IST]
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