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Homemade Organic Fertilizers Steps

If your garden plants need a medicine for healthy growth, then know how to make your own homemade organic fertilizers and get faster dramatic results. Homemade organic fertilizers may feed your plants slowly but will not burn the plants as they are not acidic in nature, unlike chemical manure. Chemical manure may look easy to spray but the carcinogenic chemicals are any day not good for your plants and soil. The best fertilizer is one maintains the Ph value (acid value) of the soil. Take a look at the homemade organic fertilizers steps for your garden care and plant care.

Homemade Organic Fertilizers Steps –

1.Herbivore Manure: By product of animals can be called a manure so prefer the by product of Herbivorous animals like cow dung etc for plant manure. Note that animal manure cannot used on vegetables as they may contain parasites.

2.Poultry Manure: Birds also eat grains and plants and their manure will be high in Nitrogen. Bird waste consists of urine and solids so it is an easy dissoluble mixture.

3.Liquid Manure Recipe: Take a Bucket and mix manure and water in 1:2 proportion and cover the bucket with the lid for almost a month. Make holes on the lid for the air to circulate and keep stirring the mixture once in a week. While using the liquid manure, dilute one part of concentrated manure to 10 parts water and apply at the base of your plants.

4.Weed manure: Unwanted plants can also be great liquid organic fertilizers. Different weeds harvest different minerals, so a mix all the unwanted plants and grass with water in the procedure stated above and use the liquid weed manure for your plant base.

5.Livestock manure: Hay or eaten green by cattle and other livestock can be a good manure for your garden plants as they are high in vitamin B12, the vitamin which helps in stimulating rapid growth of plants. Grow livestock in a corner of your garden, they grow very fast and the roots run down deep and pull up minerals that other plants cannot reach. It is particularly rich in potassium.

6.Egg manure: Egg shells can be the best manure for your plants as they are rich in plant nutrients like potassium and calcium. Collect the egg shells and dry them, crush into a powder and mix it with water as the procedure stated above.

Try these easy homemade organic fertilizers steps and boost the healthy growth of plants in your garden.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 12:15 [IST]
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