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Women's Day Decor Ideas For Office Celebrations Or WFH Workspace

Every day is a good day to celebrate the people in your life. But, it's always a bonus to have a dedicated day for commemorating them. With Women's Day just around the corner on March 8, it's apt to mention how special the occasion is for females across the globe. The life of a woman demands her to walk on a tight rope balancing home and work.

Women's Day is their day to unwind and blow off some steam by taking a break from their overwhelming schedule. So, we suggest you take this day as an opportunity to celebrate the women in your life. This year along with getting them gifts and going out for a meal, consider decorating your homes and offices, just as companies are beginning to call employees back.

If you are prepping for the Women's Day celebration 2022 at your office use the below ideas to decor the space.

Wall Decorations

Walls provide a generous surface area for decoration and so you must make the most of it. Accessorize the wall with art, tinsel fringe curtains, banners, celestial balloons, and pompom garlands. You can create cardboard cut-outs as frames and place them in front of the wall for your female colleagues to click pictures. Place bright and colourful decor items on tables along this feature wall. You can also keep witty one-liner placards on this table for women to click a picture with them.

Personalise Table Decor

Give your Women's Day office decor a personal twist. Go the extra mile and adorn the work desks for female co-workers. You can place a fragrant flower and a greeting card on the table to make them feel special. Couple the flower with a customized gift such as a diary, planner, books, file organiser, or any other item you think is best-suited for them. It would be a great idea to place photo frames on the table featuring their pictures with office friends.

Celebratory Lighting

Lighting sets the right celebration mood. Use LED bulbs, lanterns, and fairy lights on the walls of informal areas. You can spell "Happy Women's Day 2022" on the wall by swiftly shaping tubular lights. Custom neon signage and hashtags have become popular as decor items. Since they are a slightly heavy investment that can be kept in the office as a permanent decor item, you can select gender-neutral words for the signage. It will help give your office a contemporary look and feel. If you are planning to stay back for an office party after work, then mood lighting is a great way to set the space for fun. It can add comfort in a rather overwhelming work area.

Set up the Space for Fun Activities

You can plan to organize a set of entertainment activities throughout the day such as games, food counters, nail art booths, and more. Set up space-saving furniture such as tables and chairs to accommodate the temporary shift of space utilization. You can also set entertainment zones within the room by placing wicker partitions in the space.

Along with these ideas, incorporate music, conversations, and food to set the perfect celebration atmosphere

Happy Women's Day!

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