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Vastu Shastra: Importance Of Choosing The Right Colour For Your Home Interiors

Our homes are where we spend a considerable time of our lives with our families and also ourselves. It reflects our personality. We try to create the best possible spaces for our existence by enhancing the experience of each and every chamber in our abodes.

Colours are very subtle and powerful tools of interior design. Every hue and every shade of it has immense potential to sway us and radiate emotions. This in addition to following Vastu-approved colour combinations can bring out the best of vibes in our homes and bring in all the optimism in abundance.

Read our expert article and get aware of the different tones of the colour wheel that can be used in your spaces according to Vastu, conveying special effects and/or feeling into your lives.

To Obtain Energy

Our diet is the reason behind our source of energy. But, colours are the unsung heroes. They play their part smoothly and when used at appropriate locations in the house can bring the desired results.

Colours can be used to obtain energy. Yellow, orange and red in lighter tones, green at times are wonderful options. It's the warmth they get along that radiates freely in space. The energy is imbibed by our bodies and we can instantly see the difference in us. The importance of the Sun in Vastu is invaluable.

Kitchens, prayer rooms and living rooms can have these hues, as they are public zones and the activities require you to be energetic and charged.

For Relaxation and Calming the Mind

Relaxation aids in improving productivity. It calms the mind and body. What better way to translate that than through colour? Blue, green, light grey and white are colours that have this characteristic. One can use these tones and/or their shades in bedrooms, bathrooms, or even balconies. Hints of these colours can be incorporated into the living room as well. These hues also aid in healing mental and/or physical pain by creating a soothing environment. A lot of times it creates a space that helps in having a sound sleep.

For Growth

All through our lives, we try to attain growth in all spheres. Growth is all about improvement and progress. As parents you wish your kids succeed and get better to have a secure future. As per Vastu, one can employ blue, lavender, and/or green colour that represents new beginnings along with youthfulness and clarity of thought.

Being surrounded by these colours can push us towards our goals by refining our outlook positively. The kids' bedroom, prayer rooms, or any meditative spaces and master bedrooms can possess these colours. Green can be used by having planters that spring new buds and represent maturity.

For Focus In Work-From-Home

Our homes contain us. We stay alone at times in the house while working, meditating, or doing other activities that require attentiveness. Focus can be achieved by the use of white, brown or beige, violet, grey, green, pink or their shades and tones. It's the psychological and cerebral nature of these colours that works here.

Work-from-home spaces, yoga rooms and bathrooms are zones where these colours can be incorporated. Try not to go for darker shades for walls and floors. One can design an accent wall of this colour that immediately captures the mind, making it concentrate. Paintings or murals of this shade are also excellent choices.

But we ask you to be open-minded and not blindly follow the colour codes. Before selecting any tone, know the purpose of every room, which will make your work easier. The use of textures and patterns can really up the ante. Furniture and furnishings can also mimic Vastu colours apart from walls, floors and ceilings.

Vastu Shastra is a traditional approach representing elements of nature to lead a life of discipline and achieve the fruits towards a wealthy and healthy life. Colours are one aspect of it and can be used as per cardinal direction as well. Different rooms in different directions use different tones. Every emotion is interrelated and leads to other states of mind.

Please consult a Vastu Shastra expert to customise your needs of colour in your home.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 30, 2022, 10:21 [IST]
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