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The Neyth Studio Encourages Sustainable Lifestyle Through Its Natural Fibre Weaves


Neyth means weave in Malayalam. Weaving is a craft that has evolved from 6000 BC and has diversified within different communities, places, and periods. Originating from Balaramapuram, a panchayat in Trivandrum, Kerala, many weavers migrated to Alappuzha carrying their artistic expertise with them. They specialized in weaving natural fibres, and the image of them carrying their woven creations through the streets, on hand-drawn wheelbarrows, is one that is embedded into the minds of all the residents living in that region. The craft is dwindling with the rise of industrialization, and so are the number of artisans in this weaving community.

The Neyth Studio is an initiative from Alleppey, Kerala, formed with the aim to promote woven natural fibre creations and the sustainable lifestyle it encourages. We work with indigenous communities like the weavers from Allapuzha and the Ajrakh hand-printing artisans from the Khatri community in Kutch, Gujarat, to encourage their craftsmanship and create a melange of unique designs. We keep adding to our collection of distinctive designs using contrasting and fresh ways to blend different artistry.

Our premium range consists of eco-friendly rugs, runners and table decor. They are made from high-quality Jute, and imported Sisal and Wool. We also have a collection of upcycled flatweaves, made of fibres from disposed PET bottles. Carefully woven in different eye-catching and intricate weave patterns, our flatweaves embody harmonious combinations of European colour palettes, monochrome styles and borders with ethnic designs. We have six curated collections: Azrak, Karam, Lala, Avani, Virippu and Dharani. We're especially proud of our Azrak collection, handwoven Karam collection, and the upcycled PET pieces in our range.

Every flatweave in The Neyth Studio is a limited piece to own, a testament to the timeless charm of weaving and the skill of our indigenous artisans. We're constantly expanding our product range, including more than just floor and table decor, in efforts to extend our support to more artisans by enabling the discovery of a curated collection of incredible handicrafts, products and eco-friendly decor collectives. To place an order for our fine woven creations of sustainable floor and table art please visit We invite you to be a part of our initiative and experience the warp and weft of life.

For updates about new products and discounts please follow us on Instagram or Facebook: @theneythstudio.

Story first published: Thursday, September 9, 2021, 22:53 [IST]