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Are You A True A.R.M.Y? Quirky Ideas For Your Own BTS Themed Room

Who is not a BTS fan, a.k.a A.R.M.Y now is the real question here - and the answer would be a 'very few.' Though K-Pop has always been there, the entry of BTS into the arena shook things up, is to say a little. From creating an 'ARMY' of loyal fans to taking the global musical scene by hand, this Boy Band is here to stay - unlike their predecessors BIGBANG or iKON. BTS merchandise literally sells faster than hotcakes, hinting at their huge fan base.

So we are happy to cater to the BTS ARMY by helping y'all turn your room into the ultimate BTS shrine. From paint shade to room accessories, we've listed it all out!

Quirky Ideas For Your Own BTS Themed Room

1. Purple, purple and a bit more purple

The best rooms have a theme. Although it's completely optional, it's a good thing to keep in mind! For a true BTS ARMY, purple will be the theme, for sure. Include different shades of purple than sticking to a single shade.

2. Posters - all over the room (or not)

What better way to show your love to your idols than pasting their faces all over your room or not? Well, if you prefer the minimalistic theme, you can choose to have a few posters, just enough to proclaim your devotion to BTS!

3. Merchandise corner

Getting your hands on authentic BRS merchandise from India can be quite a bit on the expensive side - however, you can find a limited number of pocket-friendly BTS merchandise on shopping platforms such as Amazon or Etsy.

4. A wall or a shrine

You can make a wall collage out of prints for only a few cents. From heart-shaped to organized rows - the possibilities are endless. You can also make a garland from rope or ribbon to display your favourite pictures of BTS - if you want an aesthetically pleasing garland, string fairy lights as the string.

5. Make a wire wall grid

Square grids are great for displaying K-Pop memorabilia of all kinds. Hang photo cards, slogans, keychains, string lights, and more with small clothespins.

6. Take advantage of all spaces

Use the space around your desk and the wall around it if you don't have a lot of space. If you don't have much space, you can incorporate vertical space and/or box shelving.

7. Put some words in there

Add some sentimental words to avoid having a gazillion pictures of your BTS legends in a row. Whether it's wall art lyrics or a phrase you cut out of paper, you choose!

Happy Decorating!

[img source: pinterest]