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Koffee With Karan 7: Inside The Sets Of Karan Johar's Chat Show (Expert Article)

If you love Bollywood, we are certain you are all heart for the show Koffee with Karan. But if you dislike Bollywood, you still can't ignore the show, can you? Currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, the chat show hosted by filmmaker Karan Johar creates a buzz every time it comes up with a new season.

Koffee with Karan has made a comeback with its 7th season and the show continues to "spill the beans" about everything that's brewing in the lives of Bollywood celebrities. From A-list actors such as Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Akshay Kumar, Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh to fresh, talented faces such as Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Janhvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, Kiara Advani and Ananya Pandey, they have all made it to the guest list of Koffee with Karan this season.

Decoding the Set Design of Koffee with Karan

Apart from all the insider gossip, rapid-fire sessions, and glamor, what also makes the show spectacular is its stellar set design. Every season, the Koffee with Karan set brings in a new vibe that is flamboyance, grace, and sophistication, and this season, it's no different. The set is designed as a collaborative effort between the Production Designer Amrita Mahal Nakai, her assistant Sharmishta Roy, and the show's host - Karan Johar.

Here is everything you need to know about the set design of Koffee with Karan 7.


The central idea of Koffee with Karan's set design across all seasons has always been about being classy and reflecting Johar's personality in more ways than one. Since Johar exudes dynamism, colorfulness, and youth - the sets of Koffee with Karan resemble a similar tone. This season, the set designers wanted to create something modern, cleaner, and simpler yet fun. Hence, they ditched the classical experimentation with forms and played with multiple color combinations. These ideas eventually led to the creation of a set that looks like a representation of Mumbai meets Miami. Since both are coastal cities and house multiple buildings in the Art Deco style, the sets of Koffee with Karan depict cheerfulness and comfort.

Furniture Placement and Zoning

While the set design keeps changing every season, what remains constant is the position of the Koffee Couch where the guests are seated. The chair of the host is located opposite the Koffee Couch where one can spot Johar asking the most fun questions. At the center of this arrangement, you can see a circular nesting table that complements the chatty appearance of the couch positions.

This season, the guests make an entry by walking down the entrance corridor designed with vintage lights and veneer-clad wooden partitions. The design of the Koffee Wall is inspired by display windows of luxury fashion brands and adorns a radiant pop of colors.

Use of Colour, Materials, Light and Design Details

The set was assembled over a period of 21 days primarily using wooden planks, die-cast molding, brass, mirror plexiglass, plaster of Paris and acrylic sheets. The design of arches, columns, and flooring are inspired by Art Deco buildings in Mumbai. Pops of bright colours such as pink, red, and yellow can be seen all over the set.

Light plays a crucial role in aping up the design details. The set uses indirect lighting and wall washers beautifully to highlight the art deco features. The show is unapologetic and light-hearted and the set design communicates the vibe in an excellent manner.

Pictures courtesy of Koffee with Karan and Architectural Digest.

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