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6 Simple Tips To Keep Your House Warm During The Winter Season

Winters in India are comforting and joyful. The season lasts from November to February and is the best time to enjoy the sun, food, and long walks. With all the good things that come along, winters also put across the challenge of keeping the home warm. Heating up a house is a daunting task. There are many mechanical and creative ways to achieve thermal comfort. Electric heaters are a contemporary solution for heating a room. But, it can significantly increase the energy bills. So, if you are seeking ways to warm up your space without burning a hole in your pocket, then keep reading.

1. Change the Curtains

The winter wind can easily pass through porous materials which have micro gaps. So, it is ideal to switch the regular curtains with the thick ones so that the air does not pass through them. Curtains made of cotton are most capable of holding the heat in them. Avoid using synthetic or polyester curtains. Dark colours such as black, navy blue and maroon trap more heat and keep the room warm.

2. Rugs and Carpets

The more fabric you use, the more heat does it trap. Most modern homes use tiles for flooring which do not have any insulation property. The tiles can get chilly and further reduce the room temperature. Using thick rugs and carpets to cover the floor helps to retain the heat.

3. Welcome the Sunshine!

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Inviting the morning sun inside your home is the easiest way to warm up a space. The bright light and heat that the earth receives from the sun is an effective tool for thermal comfort. The sun is pleasant during winters and can help in increasing indoor temperatures.

4. Use Incandescent Bulbs

Light up your home with incandescent bulbs because they radiate heat when lit. The bulbs can make a room look vintage and are a wise choice for Christmas and New Year party decors. Although bulbs are not cost-effective, they are economical in comparison to LEDs and CFLs.

5. Insulate the Windows

If you have many windows in the room, then you can seal one of the windows with a glue gun around the periphery. It will help to fill the air gap and keep the cold winter air outdoors. Alternatively, you can stick a plastic sheet over the glass window panes to have an additional layer of insulation.

6. Get a Portable Fireplace

A fireplace is popular among European houses but is a rare sight for Indian homes. Portable fireplaces effectively heat up a room and have good aesthetic appeal. It sets the mood for winter dinners with the family in the living area. They are a one-time investment and a pocket-friendly solution in comparison to electric heaters.

Warming up your home will make it perfectly suited for cozy and relaxing winters. Try these ideas and let us know how they worked for you.

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Happy Winters!