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Going Away To College? Hostel Room Essentials Every College Student Should Have

When you get to college, you get one room: your hostel room, or if your parents are more on the 'let my child experience freedom' side, your apartment. One little area becomes a kitchen, a bedroom, a dressing area, a gym, a study area and more - and you probably have to share it.

It's a lot of gear to cram into a small space. So brush up on some organizing tips, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to make every inch count.

When you move out of home, to a new place, and when it is for your studies, you need to plan about what you'll be taking along with you.

Ask yourself, "what items on the college packing list are really hostel room essentials, and what can you live without?" and start from there. If you are confused about what all you should be taking along, we can help you.

Check out the college-room essentials here.

  • Alarm clock, your phone will never be able to wake you up as an alarm clock could. Trust me on that!
  • Bedding, because when you're in college, you need a good night's sleep where you can get it. Don't forget the bedsheets and a comforter.
  • Pillows, whether you sleep on your back, your side, or your stomach, you're going to need some extra pillows to prop you up when you pull an all-nighter with your laptop on your knees.
  • Rugs help keep you from having to step on cold floors first thing in the morning, and also, you can wipe that dust off your feet before getting on the bed.
  • Plates, Bowls and Mugs, even if your hostel provides plates, there are going to be days where you're going to grab something back in your room - also, why would you want to share your plates, right! So be prepared with your dinnerware. Don't forget the spoon and the fork.
  • Travel Mug, when you want to bring some hot water or tea to class or sip down while in the study area.
  • Laundry Bag, whether you are sharing your room or not, laundry is the easiest thing to keep tidy in a dorm room, and you just have to stuff it all in a hamper.
  • Storage Bins because storage space is probably the trickiest problem to solve in a small dorm room, so it's smart to stock up on some bins.
  • Bath Towels, Bathrobe, Shower Chappals and a Bath Caddy (to carry your clothes, soap and other things to the bathroom).
  • Desk Lamp, because there will be many, many all-nighters!
  • Extra Hooks because you need a place to hang up your towels and clothes.
  • Sound-Dampening Headphones - you'll need them at some point to drown out loud music, roommates, or whatever is distracting you from studying or having some you-time.
  • Trash Bin, try to find one that doesn't take up too much of your storage space. Occasionally, the dorm rooms will provide them, but if not, bring your own.
  • A Small Mirror, but if you are staying in an apartment, why not get yourself a Full-Length Mirror.
  • Over-Door Organizer can help you keep your essentials within reach.
  • Extension Cord, it is highly likely that you will never have enough plugs. Since you're bound to have many devices to charge, it's best to bring some backup.
  • Multi-Purpose and Disinfectant Cleaner because you should keep your room clean and not always depend on the cleaning staff.
  • Notebooks and a Weekly Planner.
Story first published: Friday, November 26, 2021, 13:59 [IST]
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