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5 Interior Design Trends Of 2022 That You Should Know About

The New Year brings along a new creative streak for the design industry. Bringing in fresh ideas to experiment and explore helps in adding a new perspective to conventional design. These ideas are popularly known as trends. Interior designers look forward to welcoming these trends and applying them to their designs. While there is no certain way to determine if a design style would trend or not, they all create a unique impression on people.

Likewise, Interior Design Trends 2022 are predicted to be all about natural colours and organic. The material palette is expected to be diverse and highly textured. So, if you are seeking the most favoured Interior Design Trends in 2022, take a look at five such trends.

1. Natural But Vibrant Colours

The concept of neutral colour schemes has been popular for quite some time. But this year, we might see a shift in this trend. Bright block colours will see a comeback. However, these colours will be inspired by nature and have earthy hues such as deep brown, maroon, and green. The colours scheme will be monochromatic or will maximum see a blend of bold and neutral colours.

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2. Organic Home Accessories

The lines between indoors and outdoors are blurring and greening houses like never before. Along with the landscape, nature-inspired products are trending in 2022. Adorning the centre table or shelf with pottery accessories or local artistic products are a great way of accepting the trend. On a macro level, opt for natural stone floorings such as terracotta, marble and travertine.

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3. Printed Fabric

As the neutral colours will take a backseat, vibrant printed patterns will come to the forefront. Curtains, upholstery, rugs and throws will be adorning prints such as plaid, striped, floral, geometric etc. Fringe, piping and trim detailing along furniture edges will be back in fashion. Prints can add character to a space by serving as a pop of colour and pattern.

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4. Fluted Panels

In 2021 the idea of fluted wall surfaces became popular because of the versatility they had to offer. Fluted surface finishes can be applied to walls and furniture which give a fancy look to the space. Painting the panel with bright epoxy paint gives a nice sheen to the surface. Even curved walls and rounded furniture can be decorated with fluted panels.

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5. Vintage Pieces

Heirlooms and antiques are becoming people's favourite decor items. This is because they have an emotional value and add the element of nostalgia to a space. It acts as an extension of their personality and breaks the monotony of modern interiors. Refurbishing or renovating items such as statues, pots, boxes etc. connects people to their family values.

Interior design trends in 2022 are all about being artsy and fun. Whether or not these trends are here to stay is for the time to tell. Although, what is certain is that they are here to make a lasting mark in the interior design world.