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Father’s Day Special: Decorate Your Home With These 5 Expert Suggestions

A father is the pillar of strength in every family. Traditionally, the image of a father is perceived to be that of a disciplined, strict, and ritualistic person. But, we all know that behind this regimented facade is a loving, caring, and adorable person who has always got our back. This Father's Day on 19th June 2022, you have got the perfect opportunity to celebrate him and acknowledge his giving nature. While you can take him out for dinner or to the movies, we suggest you do something more personal. The best way to customize your celebration is home decor. Decking up the home with your father's favorite accessories can make him feel extremely special and loved. Below are a few Father's Day home decor ideas you can consider.

1. Timeline Wall

Create a timeline wall to walk down the memory lane with your father. Select a blank wall in your living room and run threads horizontally across the surface to create a web. Stick images of you and your father on the threads to add a hint of nostalgia to the celebration. It can also be an exciting conversation starter for the evening and the entire family can have a fun time listening to your childhood stories.

2. Create a "Me Corner"

Within the home, everyone needs a space for themselves which can be labeled as their niche to practice their hobbies. Identify the activities your father likes to pursue in his free time and create a "me corner" for him. If he likes to paint, you can place a canvas besides a window along with a raised stool to create a comfy corner for painting. In case your father likes to read, you can place a lounge chair in the living room with a floor lamp that assists in reading to design the perfect niche for reading.

3. Dinner Table Decor

You can cook a comfort meal for your father or prepare a grand feast based on his food preferences. Set up the dining table with silver and glass cutlery. Place a vase in the center with some fresh flowers and scented candles to serve as a natural room freshener. Place a table runner along the center of the table to make it appear as the focal point of the room. Adorn the dining chairs with patterned pillows and throws to create a cozy dinner table vibe.

4. Create Ambience with Lights

You can uplift your father's day home decor with a beautiful play of lights. Run a string of fairy lights on the wall or place a fluorescent led quote light on the wall. Bring in some pendant lights to add glamor to your celebration space. Create a dance floor in the living room or play board games to make the occasion cheerful.

5. Prepare an Outdoor Setup

Consider your backyard as the perfect place to unwind Father's Day celebrations. Set up a movie under the stars and watch a classic with your family. You can also create an outdoor setup in the balcony with some informal seating arrangements and enjoy the evening while having meaningful conversations.

Happy Father's Day!

Image Source: Pexels

Story first published: Tuesday, June 14, 2022, 11:00 [IST]
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