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Happy Ugadi: 7 Expert Home Decor Ideas For Celebrating Ugadi Festival

Indian culture manifests itself with diverse traditions that we celebrate through festivals. And more than often, these festivals are celebrated with different names across the country while their spirit remains the same.

One such festival is that of Ugadi, a festival that marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year. It is celebrated in south India, which is similar to Gudi Padwa celebrated in western India. Both the festivals earmark a ray of hope for a better tomorrow.

You can invite positivity to your home this Ugadi with decor and styling ideas. This will elevate your celebration mood and add to the joy you share with your close friends and family. Given below are some amazing Ugadi home décor ideas to get your home an authentic festive makeover.

1. Decorate Your Pooja Room

The festival of Ugadi begins with offering a special feast to the deities, followed by a family meal together. On this special occasion it is necessary to clean and decorate the Pooja room with flowers, garlands and beautiful diyas. Arranging a steel or bronze pot with coconut and mango leaves, by placing it in front of the idols is a symbolic tradition during Ugadi. The Pooja room is decorated with natural flowers and colourful diyas placed in a vintage metal or wooden tray.

2. Opt for New Furnishings

Ugadi is considered as the beginning of the Hindu new year and an auspicious time to purchase new furnishings and decor items for your home. Update your kitchen crockery set with classic glassware options to amp-up your dining experience. Replace your soft furnishings such as rugs and curtains with custom-made designs this Ugadi festival. You can also switch your old chair upholstery into exciting fabrics and soft cushion cases to enjoy a mini home makeover.

3. Festive lighting

You can invite light into your home to add a dramatic devotional effect. One way to do this is to brighten your home this Ugadi with pretty ethnic lamp shades, mounted on walls, tables, or floors. Hanging lights can help create an informal vibe thereby encouraging conversations and providing comfort. Further, you can illuminate your home with warm fairy lights by installing them in the Pooja room. If you are a fan of DIY art, then you can paint old jar bottles and place fairy lights in them.

4. Use Fresh Flowers

Liven up your home this Ugadi festival, by placing some fresh Mogra, Jasmine and Marigold garlands around the living area. Decorate your home with flower arrangements in bowls, baskets, containers or hanging planter pots to accentuate the space with fragrance and freshness. You can opt for seasonal flowers by decorating them in elegant vases placed on your centre table, dining space and bookshelves.

5. Elaborate Rangoli Designs

Rangoli marks the essence and creation of new beginnings by depicting happiness, positivity and liveliness of a household. Celebrate the festival by drawing colourful patterns near the entrance door and Pooja area. Ready-made floor art stencil or stick-on rangoli patterns come in intricate varieties to make your task easier.

6. Fabrics and Décor Pieces

Try and invest in luxury linen sheets and duvet for beddings. Decorate your home with colourful curtains, vibrant cushions, and patterned rugs to amplify your space.You can opt for accessible decor options like wallpapers, traditional wall hangings and vintage artefacts. Update your house aesthetics with Indian planter pots, terracotta sculptures and wind chimes. Give your home a touch of tradition with brass doorbells or temple bells at the entrance or Pooja area.

7. Ugadi Special Dining Table Décor

Ugadi festival is incomplete without a festive meal with the family. Deck up your dining table with a festive table runner and mats. Take out your authentic crockery set of copper or bronze to serve your puran poli, mango rice, coconut milk kheer, and rava ladoos. Add a touch of authenticity to your Ugadi festival decorations with traditional candle holders and vases full of fresh flowers.

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