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Got A Messy Room? Here Are 6 Easy Ways To Declutter Your Bedroom

Think about going to sleep in a clean, clutter-free bedroom every night. Sleep hygiene is greatly aided by a peaceful environment, and a clean, clutter-free bedroom is one of those things. Did you know that decluttering your bedroom could help you sleep better? Here are some expert tips to get started on decluttering the bedroom.

1. Bed comes first

Make your bed before you do anything else in your bedroom. This will then serve as a surface for sorting and organizing things. If you've got a bed, why not make use of it rather than cramming everything onto a small area of the floor?

2. Keep a regular decluttering schedule

You'll save time by decluttering more often. Spend 30 minutes each week decluttering your bedroom; you can do it all in one go or in three 10-minute sessions. Before you start, grab recycling bins, laundry hampers, and a bin for miscellaneous stuff.

3. Sort by category

You can start with one category and tidy everything within it. Clothing can be sorted into smaller groups and organized by group type. Sorting helps you declutter differently.

4. Organize clutter bowls

Most bedrooms have one-off items like watches, earrings, books, and knickknacks. Use trays, bowls, and baskets to store jewellery, glasses, and other items out of sight.

5. Invest in storage furniture

Built-in storage can save you space in ways you won't expect. Having an upholstered bench at the end of the bed not only gives you a place to put on your shoes, but it can also hold extra linens, towels, or anything else you need.

6. Throw it or donate it

After you've cleaned up, you can put your stuff in a keep, donate, sell or bin pile. Ultimately, you should have an empty space to fill back up with only the things you love. You need enough room to put things in your wardrobe without getting out of breath trying to stuff them in!

Story first published: Saturday, December 4, 2021, 17:48 [IST]
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