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5 Expert Decor Ideas For A Small Apartment Balcony

Living in an apartment comes with its own set of pros and cons. While it is easy to maintain and organise, the limited space is a perennial challenge. In this confined apartment, a balcony is what can give you the necessary expansive view. It helps to connect the indoors with the outdoors by breaking through the monotony of walled spaces. A balcony is a versatile space for design experimentation. Many people choose to use it as extra storage space while others design it as a recreational zone. Whatever the needs are, a small apartment balcony can accommodate them with interesting space-saving and decor ideas.

1. Placing A Coffee Table

A circular coffee table on the balcony appears to add more space in the living room. It gives the illusion of extended floor space and also makes more room for people. Wooden, cane, or bamboo furniture works well for this layout. If you think that a coffee table is too mainstream, you can opt for raised bar tables and chairs. You can even add a mini bar on the balcony back wall with this furniture arrangement.

2. Positioning A Day Bed

A small balcony is a perfect place to keep an outdoor day bed. It adds warmth to the space since the bed is a piece of relaxing furniture. Keeping throw pillows to the bed can give the required comfort. You can add the element of colour in this arrangement by dressing the bed in a white sheet and covering the pillows in vibrant prints. Adding a coffee table in front of the bed will make it an ideal spot for spending lazy weekend evenings.

3. Creating A Balcony Garden

Since apartment living can isolate people from nature, having a personal green area in the house can be beneficial. You can achieve the "garden look" by having potted plants on the balcony floor. Hanging plants from the ceiling, designing green walls, and placing creepers on the railing are great ideas to landscape the balcony. Fixing an artificial grass rug to the floor adds to the refreshing look.

4. Installing An Outdoor Swing

Placing a swing on the balcony is a classic decor idea that can never go out of fashion. If space permits, you can keep a two-seater cushioned swing to depict comfort even on a small balcony. You can also opt for a single-seater swing if you are facing a space crunch. A swing brings the fun element to a space and also acts as extra seating around a coffee table setup if the balcony.

5. Keeping A Book Shelf

If you are an avid reader, then this idea is a must-try. Adding a bookshelf to the balcony can give you some more storage space. The balcony can serve as your reading corner where you can sit back with a book and enjoy the outdoor views. You can keep a bean bag as your reading chair. But, if you are falling short of space, then you can simply place a floor mat and some throw pillows to create your version of the library.

These decor ideas will help you to create a beautiful balcony design. While picking up ideas, select the ones that match your personality and space requirements. The above-mentioned ideas will enhance your balcony usage and make it an interesting design element.

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