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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Designing Your Kids' Bedroom

Decorating the kids bedroom is a thrilling experience. The initial rush of exploring new ideas and bringing fantasies to reality is extraordinary. Your child's room has to be decorated in a manner that creates a safe and secure environment for their growth. At the same time, it has to be a creative den where they can explore their imaginations and innovate. Hence, your kid's bedroom decor should strike the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. You can use the below ideas to design a spectacular bedroom for your kids.

Decide the Theme

There is a high probability that your kids have decided a cartoon or fairytale theme for decorating their bedroom. In fact, they might even have references for you that can be shared with the interior designer. The ideal way to go ahead in this scenario is to decide everything from wall finishes, to ceiling and decor according to the theme. For instance, if you are decorating a bedroom based on a Disney cartoon theme, you can use Minnie Mouse wallpapers on the wall and Mickey Mouse ears as bed head panels to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Creative Furniture

The use of organic and colorful furniture is a popular choice for decorating a kids bedroom. Bean bags, dice shaped poufs, and brightly painted chairs are great options for introducing playful furniture. You can design the study area as a multi-purpose space where the child can study as well as store books. The table top can be finished with a decal sticker of a cartoon or of a motivational quote to inspire the child to study well.

Interactive Wall Design

Children are creative souls and the more freedom you provide them early on in life, the better they can express themselves as adults. So, a kids bedroom should be like a blank canvas for them to paint their thoughts and imaginations. You can dedicate a wall for this purpose by installing a soft board on half of the wall and a blackboard on the other half. The softboard can be used to hang paintings and craft work done by your kid whereas the blackboard can be used to write the alphabet, tables and poems for them to memorise.

Install Multiple Lights

Lighting is a crucial decor element which is mostly an after-thought. Along with the traditional ceiling lights, you can also incorporate accent lights such as wall washers and cove lights. Further, having a reading lamp on the study table can serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Installing a foot lamp is also essential to make it easier for the kid to navigate their way outside the room.

Organise Toy Storage

Toys are an integral part of a kid's growing years. But, that doesn't mean that they should be scattered all over the room. You can create a dedicated space for storing soft toys, cars, and other games by creating shelves. You can organise the storage further by placing jute bags on the shelves. You can even use toys as accessories by displaying them on open shelves.

Decorating your kid's bedroom should be an engaging process. Involve your child and take their suggestions to achieve the desired bedroom look and feel.

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