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5 Best Guest Bedroom Styling Ideas for Your Home

If you are someone who loves inviting people over, then planning a guest bedroom is essential for your home. The guest bedroom is a medium to depict hospitality and comfort by creating a memorable stay for friends and family. The best guest bedrooms are clutter-free, minimalistic, and home-like. However, styling the guest bedroom has its unique set of challenges since they are usually smaller in size and lack storage. Hence, finding the equilibrium between design and function is essential to creating the perfect guest bedroom aesthetic.

Here are some of the most versatile styling ideas to create the comfiest guest bedroom.

Make it Cozy with a Rug

A rug is a classic way to make a room appear comforting and well organized. It helps in creating a compact furniture layout that makes the room look cohesive. You can style a vibrant patterned rug with a neutral wall color scheme to bring versatility in design. Place the rug below the bed and extend it at least 1 foot beyond the ends of the bed.

Amp up the Wall Decor

Enhance the wall decor with accessories such as mirrors, wall art, and tapestries. You can frame quotes and hang them on the wall as symbols of positivity and cheerfulness. The accent walls act as a focal point and make the guest bedroom look artsy. Add an accent light to the wall in the form of neon lights with quotes to give the guest bedroom decor a sassy look.

Add Moveable Furniture

Adorn your guest bedroom with lightweight mobile furniture such as bean bags, poufs, and chairs. This makes the design flexible which comes in handy to personalize the space as per the guest's requirements. You can design the room spaciously and style it with statement pieces.

Invite Freshness with Plants

Plants add the much-needed natural element to a built environment. Home plants are a great stress-buster and have air-purifying qualities. You can place potted plants on the side table, dressing table, and window cill to make your guest bedroom appear fresh. Plants such as money plants, succulents, snake plants, and peace lilies are excellent for home interiors.

Make Room for Storage

Storage is of key importance in every household. Especially speaking of guests, they usually tend to travel with more luggage. Hence, it is important to design the room for ample storage with wardrobes and storage shelves. You can also deck up the room with multi-functional furniture that can double as a storage unit and make your guest bedroom look versatile.

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