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Unique Ideas To Decorate Your Home For Pongal

By Shatavisha Chakravorty

For any festival, one does not really feel the essence of the same unless and until the surroundings are decorated in a befitting manner. The same holds good for the southern festival of Pongal as well.

Although it cannot be denied that there is a lot of fun and folly involved in the celebration of this festival and that it has a dedicated line of cutlery items to its credit, the fact remains that the celebration of this festival has a lot of mandatory decorations to its credit.

These days, with easy access to the internet, the mandatory decorations have been upgraded to a notch higher and people are often seen to be opting for more contemporary themes and designs, when it comes to preparing the home for Pongal. This puts a lot of pressure on us to ensure that our home looks nothing less than the best.

So, here is a list of eight unique ideas that will help you to prepare your home for Pongal.


Indoor Pongal In Flats

For people living in apartments in towns and cities, getting a backyard to accommodate the traditional setup of brewing the Pongal may not be a feasible option. In such a case, the best thing to do is to have one indoors.

However, just because you do not have a traditional pongal set-up, it does not mean that you will miss out on the festivity around the same. Make sure you decorate the indoor pongal with as much enthusiasm as you would do to the one that is outdoors.


Set A Theme

In case you are bored of the same old decorations, you can always set a theme and work on implementing the same.


Choose Appropriate Canes

As most of us are well aware, sugarcane sticks play an important role in Pongal decorations. This is because sugarcane is one of the most important harvest crops for this season. Hence, make it a point to choose the cane sticks that have leaves on top for your decoration. This will give the décor some frills and will be aesthetically more attractive.


Go Green

In celebration of prosperity, the central theme of Pongal celebrations is always the colour green. Taking this a step further, you can give it an eco-friendly touch and invest in paper mash items that will make your decoration stand out from that of the rest.


The Ancient Practice Of Worshipping The Cow

As per the Hindu belief, the cow is one of the most sacred animals. Hence, one of the most important aspects of the festival of Pongal is the worship of the cow. That is way making a rangoli figure of a cow on Pongal is a very good idea. This also initiates a lot of vibrancy to the otherwise green centric pongal decorations.


Use Electric Lights

Traditionally, Pongal decorations involved all things green (banana leaf, sugarcane, mango leaf and things of that likes). However, if you are interested in giving a more contemporary touch to your Pongal decorations, the best thing to do is invest in electric lights.


Pot Decoration

One of the most important aspects of this festival is cooking of the pongal. Hence, the pot that goes into the preparation of the same plays a very central role. By decorating it with paints and flowers, you will make your pongal decoration all the way more attractive.


Do Not Overdo As Well

With cramped living spaces available, it is understandable that these days we do not have the liberty to allow the pongal decorations to take up as much space as that of the bygone era. Hence, there is all the way more need to keep the decoration simple.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 10, 2018, 15:30 [IST]
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