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7 Fancy Furniture Designs For Indian Homes

By Staff

Indian homes are a showcase of rich tradition and cultural heritage. Due to the diverse cultures and variants of arts across the country, you get to see exotic and splendid decor styles in common Indian homes, with an outstanding blend on antiquity with modern trends.

What is more interesting is that they can adopt any style or concept and transform into 'one of its kind' look with an Indian traditional touch. More common features include vibrant colours, solid wood and intricate patterns.

Here are some fancy furniture designs that we came across which are somewhat eclectic and modern, yet are conformed to Indian homes.


Japanese Bed

Flat and low, Japanese style beds have subtle, low lying platforms. Quite modern, minimalist and trendy, with a dab of Indian touch of rich textures, statuary and accessories, these solid-wood platforms can be a stunning addition for a modern Indian bedroom.

Image Courtesy:Japanese Bed


Coffee Table With Chest

Coffee tables have an amazing versatility of shape and style. These can be a multipurpose coffee table cum treasure chest.

With its solid wood rustic feature and intricate carvings, it can be a perfect and rich choice for a traditional Indian bedroom or living room. It can bring an eclectic feel in a modern space as well.

Image Courtesy: Coffee Table With Chest


Classical Accent Chairs

Classical accent arm chairs in raw timber finish, carved and crafted with little rings and plush cushions can add a touch of luxury in any space.

With its curvaceous form, it brings a feeling of movement into a space. This is an ideal pick for your living room, bedroom, or hallway if you want to add an elegant classical or contemporary feel to it.

Image Courtesy:Classical Accent Chairs


Oriental Platform Bed

An oriental style, double platform bed, accessorized with throw pillows, colourful prints and rich patterned double canopies is suitable for those who want a bling and artistic touch for their bedrooms.

It can even be used as a Mediterranean seating arrangement for our fancy Indian living rooms, minus the canopies.

Image Courtesy:Oriental Platform Bed


Minimalist Kitchen Island

Love the offbeat combo of this raw timber kitchen island with acrylic bar stools. Rustic and minimal, we find it to be a very striking and unconventional blend.

It would be interesting to see this in an Indian kitchen, where it can create a contrasting effect and balance with its surroundings.

Image Courtesy:Minimalist Kitchen Island


Loft Bed With Storage

A loft bed with ample storage is a quintessential addition for our tiny homes and apartments where space is a hindrance. We find this multi-functional furniture piece utterly flawless.

Convert the shelves into a bookshelf or mini compartments for clothes and accessories, for a clutter-free zone; and resting on top will give a sense of openness. This is a perfect addition for your children's bedroom or a studio apartment.

Image Courtesy:Loft Bed With Storage


Vertical Wardrobe

The most common problem we face when designing our spaces is storage. It is one of the most complicated and challenging tasks, especially if the space is too small.

Compact storages, floor to ceiling wardrobes and cabinets are trending. Considering that, we would love to have one of these modern, refined, wooden vertical cabinet closets with open shelves that would be apt for our busy day-to-day lives.

They would be the best choice to add in studio apartments. It would definitely add a smart and minimalist feel to the space.

Image Courtesy:Vertical Wardrobe

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