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10 Mistakes That We Make While Designing Our Living Room

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Living room is the heart of a house that makes a first impression. It is an indirect representation of your attitude and personality. Usually, while decorating living room, we will think only about our likes and passion and not pay a heed to the designing mistakes we could probably make while setting up our living room.

It is equally important to check whether the decor goes well with the structure and design of the room. Hiring a professional to set a living room is not practical, as it is expensive. It's your home and you have to be the designer and decorator of your living space.

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If you know of some of the common mistakes that you could make while setting up your living room, you can put in your creativity in a more productive manner. This can be anything from the basic structure to the home decor pieces.

One of the important mistakes in living room design is the random arrangements that people make, which shows clearly that they did it without any planning.

No matter whether it is a new house or a renovated one, be careful of some of the common mistakes that you could make in the living room design and decoration. Even some minor changes can make a magnificent difference.

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Keep the designing flexible, so that you can change it according to your mood. Also, do go through these common mistakes that we usually tend to make while designing our living room.



Lighting, if not set properly, will spoil your room. Make sure that there is light from all sides. Having only an upper light is the worst mistake that you can ever make. Using LED light fixtures on false ceiling is a good idea.


Wrong Carpet

Always make sure that the carpet you use goes well with the size and shape of the room. Be careful while selecting the colour also.



Make sure that all furniture are positioned properly. Keeping TV in a wrong position is one among the common mistakes that you can make in the living room design.


Sofa To The Wall

Keeping the sofa touching to the wall is another drastic mistake. If you think that this will make the room look more spacious, note that you are spoiling the look of your living room.


Dark Wall Colour

Using dark wall colours will make your room look small and clumsy. If you love any dark colour, use this to highlight any single wall and use light colours on all other sides.


Old Fashioned Settings

Though they say "old is gold", it may not always hold true in case of old fashioned furniture. So, go in for the latest designs to amp up the living room design.


Neglecting The Main Purpose Of The Room

After all, living room is to welcome your guests and for you to spend your free time. Don't make it an all-function room to eat, drink, sleep, work, exercise or to set your office table.


Minimum Decor

Too much is always awkward when it comes to a living room décor. Making the living room an art gallery is one common mistake that most people do. Use minimum furniture and position it well.



Window-length curtains are already out of fashion. Use floor-length curtains and place the curtain rods a bit higher. This will give a spacious and luxurious look to your living room.

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