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How To Clean Home After Holi: 7 Easy Tips

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Holi is all about colours!! This spring festival is vibrant with the wide variety of colours in its different forms like powders, water guns and even water balloons. But after all the celebrations are over, you will be left with a big task of cleaning your home.

How to clean home after Holi is one of the biggest questions for many. Due to fear of cleaning the home after Holi, many try their best to keep the Holi crazy people off from their houses.

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Holi is the time where your friends and families step into your house without caring about the aesthetics of your well-decorated or maintained house. You may have sleepless nights when you think of stained floors, walls, and furniture.

Don't panic and wrap your belongings. There are many easy and effective ways of cleaning your home after Holi. We are here with some of the best answers on how to clean your home after Holi. This will let you enjoy Holi in its fullests. Have a look.



Obviously, it is going to be tough to enjoy Holi when you see colours on the floor. Sweeping will work better for dry powders. But, if it is wet, use a tissue paper or newspaper to wipe it off. If the floors get stained, make a paste of baking soda and apply it on the stained area and let it dry. Then wipe it off with a wet rag.


Wooden Furniture:

Dry colours are easy to remove; just dust it. But water colour satins make the work really hard. There is an effective method to remove such stains. Wet a cotton ball in acetone and rub it on the stained area of the furniture. You must be very cautious, as it may even remove varnish of the furniture. So, rub it off gently.



Cleaning home after Holi becomes a real haunting task, especially when you have light-coloured walls. Make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply this on to the wall and wipe off gently. Rubbing it off too hard will cause permanent stains.



Sofa covers, bed sheets, cushion covers, curtains, etc., are the upholstery items that you must safeguard from the colours. Use vacuum cleaner or broom to dust the dry colour powders and don't do it with your hands. If it gets stained with water colours, apply some vinegar on it to get rid of the stain.


Doors And Windows:

Cleaning home after Holi is not that easy if you have decorated doors and windows. Liquid detergent or Colin is the best solution to remove dry colours. But on the wooden part of the doors and windows, you can try nail polish remover. For glass doors and windows, paste of baking soda with water is enough.



OMG....bathrooms are the most affected areas of the house during Holi time after you wash your cloths and upholstery. You can use liquid bleach to remove stains from the white floors. For coloured or laminated floors, you can use liquid detergent and scrub it off gently.



Being one of the main attractions of your house, crockery items must be protected from the colours. People drink or have food without washing hands properly and the stains thus get on to the crockeries, which are very hard to be removed. You could use disposable paper cups and plates during the Holi celebration.

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